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What do those tweens want for Christmas? Holiday gifts for tweens they’ll flip for

Be the cool parent Christmas morning when you use this list of holiday gifts for tweens

A happy child about to open a Christmas present.
Yan Krukau / Pexels

Tweens are a whole new level for parents when it comes to picking out Christmas presents. Not little kids anymore but not quite teenagers, so shopping for tweens is a balancing act. If you have a tough-to-shop-for tween on your holiday gift list this year, or it’s your first time buying for this age group, look no further. We’ve rounded up ideas that are sure to be a hit. No eye rolls here, just great holiday gifts for tweens that those kids will be happy to get.

A parent giving their excited child a present on Christmas.
Any Lane / Pexels

Find the gift to fit your tween’s personality

AirPods Pro

Air Pods are always a hit with the young kids, and with Apple there’s a generation to fit your budget. A cool version of Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds are of course wireless and come with a charging pod. Apple upped their game with Air Pods Pro, because not only are they more contoured and comfortable, they’re noise canceling. Now your tween won’t have to just pretend not to hear you when you say it’s time for chores.

LuMee Duo Selfie phone case

The quest for the perfect selfie is never-ending, but this light-up phone case might get your tween one step closer. The LuMee Duo Selfie iPhone case features a ring of LED lights around the case that turn on with the push of a button and produce a warm natural light that far outshines the phone’s flash. Rechargeable with 30 minutes of continuous use per charge, this phone case will definitely shine a light on your tween’s natural beauty.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera

If you thought the days of instant cameras disappeared back in the ’90s, think again. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera is the Polaroid-style camera every Gen Zer is craving. Your tween will love snapping photos they can actually touch and display in their room. No more photos lost in your tween’s camera roll. They just point, shoot, and within seconds they’ll have an actual picture in their hands.

Govee LED light strips

With these Govee LED light strips, your tween will be one step closer to having the bedroom of their dreams. Operate with voice commands, a remote, or sync them with your Alexa or Google Assistant to have a constantly changing color scheme. The WiFi-enabled light strips attach to surfaces with the included adhesive and support clips, so it will be easy for your tween to configure them exactly how they want.

Doc Martens

Yep, ’90s fashion staples are making a comeback. Your tween will love this fashion-forward and retro addition to their closet. Choose black for a classic look or mix it up with a pair of Doc Martens in awesome new colors or prints. And yes, the iconic yellow stitching still lets everyone know your tween is rocking real Docs. Parents, try not to steal them from your child.

LEGO architecture building sets

If they’ve outgrown superhero LEGO sets but still love building, Lego architecture sets are a sure win. Iconic buildings like the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, and Statue of Liberty will keep your tween occupied and help them develop an interest in history, architecture, and geography while they are at it. Plus, these LEGO sets will look way cooler around your home than a Minecraft character.


The tween years are the perfect time for kids to develop good skincare habits, and with the plethora of products specially designed for young skin, there are plenty of options. Try the Ever Eden tween skincare set to get them started. And this Clinique foaming cleanser is extra gentle, perfect for tween skin. And your tween can store their skincare goodies in every ’90s kid’s favorite organizer, the Caboodle. Yep, it’s back and we still love it.

Almubot Robot building set

The Almubot Robot is the perfect introduction to coding and robotics. It snaps together with LEGO-like building pieces and will keep kids entertained for hours while they’re learning the basics of coding. Kids can use the remote or app to control the robot, and it’s voice-activated, too.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are popular with every single age group, so you can’t go wrong. The stainless-steel water bottles are the perfect stocking stuffer for your tween. They’re dishwasher safe, which is good news for parents, and they don’t sweat, so no need to worry about water rings on the furniture. Best of all, you will know that your tween will stay hydrated at school and activities because the Hydro Flask will remain within arm’s reach at all times.

Unstable Unicorns

The highest-funded Kickstarter game of all time and 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year, Unstable Unicorns is wildly popular with tweens and teens. Build an unstoppable unicorn army to betray and defeat your friends and have a ton of fun doing it. Unstable Unicorns is a great choice for slumber parties, casual get togethers, and even family game nights.

beTWEEN the Bookends

We all want to encourage our children to have a love of reading as an alternative to screens. Signing them up for a book box — or just getting them a one-off for Christmas — is a start. Book boxes give your tween something to read to work their mind but also come with goodies so they won’t think the box is lame. One to try is beTWEEN the Bookends, because it was created by a tween (now a teen) who still tests every product and reads every book that goes into the boxes.

If you have a kid who is into fashion and style, electronics and gadgets, clothing, or photography, there’s a little bit of everything on this list of holiday gifts for those growing adolescents in your house. Since your kiddo is probably past the stage of believing in the magic of Santa, maybe show them the list and have them pick their top three items to make it even easier.

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