Costume ideas for kids who don’t know what they want to be for Halloween

For every child who adores Halloween, there’s another who doesn’t quite like it. Whether your little one is scared of the spooky holiday or they just don’t appreciate the itchy costumes, there are plenty of kids who don’t like to dress up on Hallows Eve. However, there are simple or even last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids which just might help your child get into the spirit of spooks. All that’s needed are their own clothes and some minor details added. Here are our top costume ideas for kids of all ages who don’t know what they want to be for Halloween.

Boy dressed as a rock star for Halloween
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Angel – or devil

With a couple of minor add-ons, you can turn any all-white or all-red outfit into an angel or a devil. These are great options for tweens who feel that costumes are uncool and don’t want to look like they’re trying too hard. If your child’s in that age range, it’s probably just a phase and they’ll outgrow it by next year.

In the meantime, a few accessories and a little makeup can go a long way. All you’ll need is a headband and wings or a tail for your kid to look great. They’ll love the look and also feel great about their casual costume.

Rock star

A black T-shirt, bandana, and jeans are all you need for the coolest rock-star costume. If you’ve got them in the closet, throw a pair of boots in the mix. Nothing says “I’m a baddie” like a classic rock ’n’ roll costume. Best of all, you can put it together in minutes and be the most awesome parent around.

Princess, fairy, or ballerina

If you’ve got a fancy dreamer in your hands, chances are you have some flowy dresses and shiny jewelry all over the house. You probably have some tutus lying around, as well. All of these make the perfect Halloween costume for kids who don’t know what they want to be. Your child will feel dressed to the nines and love the stylish look.

Unicorn onesie

If October nights are chilly in your neck of the woods, onesies are a great way for your kids to stay warm while they trick or treat. Unicorn onesies are especially popular with children these days, but any type of onesie will work as a Halloween costume. Your child will stay super comfy and look adorable, whether they’re dressed up as a unicorn, penguin, or panda bear.


If your kid is into sports, you must have a collection of uniforms from all their previous seasons. Don’t know what to do with them? Turn them into Halloween costumes!

If your reluctant trick or treater doesn’t want to dress up or if they expect you to come up with a costume at the very last minute, their sport uniforms can save the day. For an eerie costume, a little makeup is all you need to hit it out of the park with a zombie basketball, soccer, or baseball player.


For the purr-fect improvised costume, a kitty-cat costume is the way to go. If your child has a black shirt and black bottoms, your eyeliner is all you need to draw some cute whiskers and head out the door. With such a cute costume, no one will even realize you threw it together with stuff from home.


Many kids who don’t love costumes have community members whom they look up to. If your child dreams of being a local hero, these are some of the costume options that they’d probably love:

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Firefighter
  • Dentist
  • Construction worker
  • Teacher
  • Police officer
  • Chef
Three kids dressed in costumes for Halloween
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Halloween doesn’t have to be too complicated or elaborate to be loads of fun for your child. There are many reasons why your kids wouldn’t want to dress up for this special evening. Whether they find Halloween to be scary or they’re starting to outgrow the idea of dressing up, you can help your child come up with a costume that helps them celebrate. With a costume that feels comfortable to your child, they’ll be happy to join in on the fun and enjoy an evening of sweets and treats.

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