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The best baby sensory toys for mastering touch, sight, hearing, and teething

Sensory toys come in a range of designs and features. It’s worth exploring which variety of options are right for you and your little one when picking a toy for your child.

The senses that can be enhanced by the use of a toy include touch, hearing, and sight. By choosing a toy that is brightly colored, textured, and has a musical element, you can be sure to help promote a baby’s awareness of those feelings. Most of the toys included in our guide cover all of those bases.

Learning Resources Sensory Toy

Best overall toy

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Shaped like a hedgehog, the Learning Resources Sensory Toy provides an enjoyable way for young children to explore their senses. The toy’s hard plastic pieces fit into holes on the hedgehog’s back like quills.

Manhattan Toy Sensory Teether Toy

Best teething toy

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Big enough for two hands to grasp yet made of tubing flexible enough to use as a teething toy, the Manhattan Toy Sensory Teether has many uses. It helps promote grasping skills and has a rattle in the center.

Bright Starts Jingle & Shake Pal

Best budget toy

Image used with permission by copyright holder

With multiple components that stimulate several senses, the Bright Starts Jingle & Shake Pal is full of fun. Its chiming rattle ball is enclosed inside a perforated plastic ball, which has chunky handles with textured beads.

Although not necessarily educational, toys that can heighten the senses can be very important to a child’s development. Arousing a baby or toddler’s vision and hearing with a toy is a rewarding and simple task.

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