The best baby stroller and car-seat combos for kids’ day out

Versatility is one the top reasons to buy a stroller and car-seat combo. Value and longevity are others. These stroller and car-seat combo units cover all those bases and more.

A stroller and car-seat combo unit is a good value because the stroller can be used after a child outgrows the car seat. These stroller and car-seat combos are good all-around choices, offering the benefits of functionality and safety for a long time.

Baby Trend Expedition Travel System

Best overall

A really attractive stroller and car-seat combo is one that offers many benefits for both parents and their children. That’s what makes the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System such a smart overall combo. It features large-bicycle all-terrain tires, an easy-to-maneuver front swivel wheel — that locks for strolling and jogging — and a comfortable multiposition reclining padded seat with a five-point harness.  The car seat is latch-equipped for easier installation, with an EPS energy-absorbing foam offering high side-impact protection.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Most versatile stroller and car seat combo

If you want to use a stroller and car-set combo daily and for a long time, then get a highly versatile one. That aptly describes the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, Stroller, Bassinet, and Car Seat Combo. It offers six modes of use that enable a child to face in or out while the stroller converts from an infant car seat frame to a stroller seat, travel system, or carriage mode. It also features a large canopy and removable arm bar to make it easy to transfer a baby and boost comfort. The stay-in-car base accommodates a fast and safe car-seat connection from stroller to car, and vice versa.

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Best value

Since value might be holding you back from buying a stroller and car-seat combo, consider the Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace. It’s designed to provide comfort for your child with multiple reclining positions and a three- to five-point harness at a great value. Its 16-inch fold makes it more compact and easy to carry and use in many places.

Get the most usage and value out of your children’s stroller and car seat by getting a combination unit. These stroller and car-seat combos should be high considerations because they’re versatile, safe, and/or affordable.

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