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The Floor is Lava! game: Fun for the whole family to play

Get the whole family playing this game

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Games that are easy to play and understood by the whole family can often be hard to come by, which is why The Floor is Lava! game is such a fun activity for all ages. So many games marketed as “family-friendly” are anything but, and often require a lot of effort by parents to get everyone engaged. This isn’t the case when it comes to The Floor is Lava!, which is probably why it’s so fun.

If you’ve never played The Floor is Lava! before, the concept is very easy and very fun. You can play it just about anywhere with any number of participants, and is suitable for almost all age groups. Here are some fun ways to play this game that has become so popular that Netflix even created a series based on it.

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How to play The Floor is Lava!

The best part of this game is that you can play it anywhere; as long as everyone knows the pretty basic rules. Anyone at any time can enter a room and declare “the floor is lava.” At this point, the objective is for everyone in the room to get their feet off the floor within 5 seconds. Anyone who doesn’t get their feet off the floor — which has been determined to be lava — in that time “loses.” Naturally, when played among adults, this game can feature some pretty intense parkour moves, but that doesn’t mean your little ones can’t get involved, too.

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How to get younger kids involved

Toddlers and younger kids love to play games, but they don’t always have the patience or the understanding to participate in those that are a bit more complicated. Board games can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for younger kids. The Floor is Lava! is so easy that kids of all ages can play, but you probably don’t want your younger kids jumping all over your furniture or climbing anything high to get themselves off the floor.

If you want to get your toddlers moving and playing, create a fun and safe area in the house for everyone to play. Parents can make a little obstacle course with pillows or blankets on the floor for younger kids to jump on. As your kids get older, those obstacles can become a bit more difficult, with the pillows and blankets spaced further apart. Older kids will impress you with just how creative they can get as they do everything they can to avoid the lava floor. You can bring out the competitive nature of the game as you watch all participants race to get off the floor first.

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The fun is endless

There’s really no limit on how creative you can get while playing The Floor is Lava! game. Your kids will enjoy shouting the familiar catchphrase at random times and will laugh watching everyone scatter as they try to get their feet off the floor. The fun is endless, and it’s a game that will get everyone moving and thinking. This is the sort of fun that doesn’t cost any money but can get the entire family involved. The next time you’re looking to spice up game night or simply get the family moving, why not play The Floor is Lava! and see just how exciting it can be?

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