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Toddler birthday party ideas all kids will love

Your child’s toddler years are a special stage in their life. It’s during these years that your child starts to socialize with others and develop their own likes. This makes children’s birthday parties super fun to plan. You just want your little one to have the most awesome experience. Your kiddo’s big day is the perfect occasion to get friends and family together for an unforgettable celebration that everyone will enjoy. Here are a few examples of birthday party themes for children – and we’re pretty sure everyone will love them.

Art party

girl painting outside
Stephen W. Morris/Getty Images

If your little one loves to create works of art, their birthday is an excellent opportunity to unleash their creativity. The best thing about art birthday parties is that all guests can have their share of fun. When planning party activities, consider that parents, siblings, and even grandparents may feel inspired to join the toddlers in some imaginative play.

Aprons make an excellent party favor that your guests can wear while at the celebration. This helps keep their clothes protected while they create their masterpieces. Other good party favors include watercolors, clay, or miniature canvases.

If you’re wondering what people do at art parties, here are some ideas to take your toddler’s art party to the next level:

  • Set up a station with canvases and brushes for each child to make their own painting to take home.
  • Give children colorful clay for them to make 3D creations of their choice.
  • Use magazine and newspaper cutouts for guests to make beautiful collages.
  • Pasta necklaces are a classic toddler craft. You give them yarn and ziti, and they’ll know what to do.

Bubble party

If there’s one thing that drives toddlers crazy, it’s bubbles. This super easy party idea is sure to be a hit as parents watch their kiddos run around the yard, chasing bubbles. A little music and a lot of bubbles are all you need to give the senses a feast.

While some parents hire professional entertainers who make bubble tricks for the kids, it’s also easy to choose the do-it-yourself (DIY) route. Here are some ways to keep the kids engaged during a bubble party:

  • Set up several large buckets and wands of different shapes and sizes in your backyard or local park.
  • For a more natural vibe, make your own giant bubble wands using two twines and some string. Carefully lift your wand from the bubble solution, and watch the toddler jaws drop in amazement.
  • Fill a kiddie pool with bubble mix and place a hula hoop inside. Ask the birthday child to carefully step into the middle of the hoop. As you bring the hula hoop up slowly, your child will find themselves inside a giant bubble.

Water party

Three kids laughing in pool
Peter Idowu / Unsplash

When the weather’s warm, all kids need is water to splash into fun. This is another party idea that hits it out of the park with children of all ages, not just the birthday toddler. And you don’t even need a full-size pool to get the party started.

Toddlers adore splashing around in kiddie pools. Throw some small inflatables in there, and they’ll basically entertain themselves. Top it off with a water table and sprinklers to turn your backyard into giggle central.

Anytime you have young children playing with water, remember to take the necessary precautions, and ask parents to watch their own children. Goodie bags with sunblock and hats are much appreciated by parents who forget these items at home.

Book party

Young children are passionate about books. If you find yourself reading the same book to your toddler every night, use the characters in the book as inspiration for your toddler’s party. Your decorations, cupcakes, and activities are the perfect opportunity to bring the story to life and inspire other children to read.

Here are some ideas to create the perfect toddler book party:

  • Print out copies of the book cover and wrap the sheet of paper into a cone. Use the cone as a container for pretzels, crackers, or other dry snacks.
  • Set up snacks that match the colors of the book’s illustrations.
  • Gather the kids around a rug to read the book while they enjoy cake.
  • Set up a photo booth with characters from the book.
  • Have the guests create their own bookmark.

Toddlers are sweet and happy kids with many interests. They love trying new things and are always ready for a good time. Our toddler party ideas are perfect for your child to enjoy their special day, as you create unforgettable memories for the entire family.

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