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5 nursery hampers under $30 that’ll make your life easier

While you might think your new baby will hardly use any laundry at all, think again. Between spit-up, diaper explosions, spills, and just general wear, infants can go through a lot of clothes. A baby laundry basket will give you a convenient spot to toss those soiled items for later washing, without mixing (or losing — let’s face it, baby socks are small) them among your family’s general laundry.

But you don’t want to choose just any nursery hamper. After all, you want something functional as well as stylish. Here are five nursery hampers under $30 that’ll make your life easier and look great in any room in your home.

MCleanPin Laundry Hamper: Simple, sweet, and functional

If you have a rather minimalistic nursery (think more color and pattern-focused than cartoon characters and animal friends), then you may want a nursery hamper that’s a little more basic. This simple and sweet hamper is a good pick for those who prefer functionality over fashion. 

What we love most? While the exterior of the hamper sports a strong and sturdy, rigid square design, the interior bag can be removed for easily lugging your laundry to the laundry room without removing the full hamper from your nursery. The bag itself can be washed, too, for a higher level of cleanliness. 

Works great for: Minimalistic nurseries

ULG Large Laundry Basket: Budget-friendly, cute, and on-theme

If you’re really into a themed nursery, you may want to stick with a nursery hamper that fits your theme. We like these budget-friendly options from ULG. You can pick from an array of patterns and prints, from a happy hedgehog to bold stripes, or yellow kangaroos to a curious koala. None of the designs are overly in-your-face or loud, but they still add a bit of character and whimsy to any nursery decor. 

You really can’t say no to the price and, when it’s laundry day, you can simply pick up the small hamper by its handles and take it with you to the laundry room. 

Works great for: Themed nurseries

Two-Piece Large Blanket Basket: A versatile option 

Okay, okay. So these baskets are technically blanket baskets, but who’s going to even know when you use them as a nursery hamper? The two-pack of baskets comes with a larger and smaller size, so you could use the larger size for items that can wait a while for washing, then use the smaller size for really dirty items that you want to get to the washer fast. Think soiled shirts and separates.

Having two baskets on hand also means that you won’t be left wanting for one when you’re dressing your baby on laundry day. You’ll always have a basket ready to go. 

Works great for: Parents who love organizing and prioritizing everything

SWISSELITE Laundry Hamper Bag: A hanging hamper

If you’re working with a small space and need to save whatever floor space you have for more important furnishings, consider a hanging hamper that simply fits on your door (which also means it’s out of the way and out of sight). 

This affordable option comes in an array of colors and patterns, from colorful triangles to bohemian-style stripes, and all are cute enough to fit a nursery, but they’re also “adult” enough to be used in other rooms around your home as needed. So, as soon as your baby has aged up and is out of their nursery, they can continue using the hanging hamper.

Works great for: Small nurseries

HKEC Waterproof Foldable Storage Bin: A laundry basket that ages up

If you’d like a nursery hamper that can be used for the long-term once your children are a little bit older, consider this lightweight and budget-friendly option. There are many kid-friendly patterns and designs to choose from, such as panda bears and pineapples, and the hamper is on the smaller side, making it easy for kids to use and carry when they’re older (might as well start them out doing their own laundry, at least the sorting, sooner rather than later, right?). For now, though, it would look great tucked inside a well-organized nursery closet or just in the corner. 

Works great for: Parents looking for a hamper that will last for years

When planning a nursery for a new baby, it can be so easy to become hyper-focused on the big-picture items, from crib to changing table to rocking chairs. But don’t forget the small accessories that you’ll need, too. An affordable and functional baby laundry basket can make your life as a new parent that much easier, whether you opt for a hamper that hides away in your closet, hangs behind your nursery door, or is just so pretty and cute you can use it as an accessory. Take your needs and style into consideration and find the best baby laundry basket for your nursery. 

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