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Coordinating family events is simple with these apps in your back pocket

Keeping everyone on schedule and organized has always been a challenge for busy families. Coordinating school, work, extracurriculars, sporting activities, family events, and carpools takes a lot of organization and teamwork to make sure everyone gets to where they need to go and on time. If you’re still relying on a handwritten family calendar or notes stuck to the fridge to keep everyone organized, it’s time to coordinate family events using a simple family events app.

Busy families know that organization is the key to success in getting everyone where they need to be on time, which is why these family event apps make planning and coordinating schedules so simple. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your busy calendar and are looking for some help, check out these family event apps to take some of the stress out of coordinating your family’s busy schedule.

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Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is a family organizer app that will help keep everyone in the household on schedule. The free download lets you track all family appointments and activities in one place as well as school events, virtual class schedules, grocery lists, and even track chores. Cozi has a color-coded calendar that lets you view the entire family’s schedule on one page or allows you to filter by each family member. Their Cozi Today functionality lets you view and share the day’s schedule to ensure that no one misses an important appointment or event. It can also be used with other calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

Cozi also has a to-do tab which makes planning family events simple and easy to track. You can create a list for yourself or assign tasks to others in the household by order of importance. The lists can also be printed off if necessary. Cozi is available for download on Android, Apple, and through a web browser.


Picniic is a free family organizer that will help you keep track of everything from appointments to extracurriculars to grocery shopping and meal planning. The free app allows you to create a profile for your family that features everyone’s individual calendars in one snapshot. They make it easy to create shopping and to-do lists and share them among family members as well as a place to upload family photos. The app also gives you the ability to view your calendars by the day or month. Picniic also has a paid upgrade service that gives you access to services like the info locker where you can keep medical or school information, a meal planner, a family locator that allows the kids to check-in, a special events creator, and partnerships with other apps like TeamSnap that allow you to sync your calendars. Whether you choose to simply use the free Picniic download or upgrade to the paid subscription, Picniic is a great tool to help organize any family. It’s available for download on both Apple devices and Android.


If you’re looking to coordinate a family event among multiple families as well as keep your own family’s schedule organized, Flayk may be just what you need. The app, which features both a free basic service as well as a paid premium service allows you the option to share tasks amongst multiple families which makes organizing larger events so much easier. It even assigns each family their own color code so there won’t be any confusion. It also allows you to assign tasks to other family members and customize a reward system to provide an incentive for doing chores. Flayk also offers a shared family calendar to help keep everyone organized and the ability to share to-do lists as well. Flayk is available for Apple devices as well as for use on the web.

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TimeTree is a free app that helps you manage your family’s calendar through sharing and communication. The app allows you to share your calendar with different groups while also connecting with your family, friends, and colleagues to avoid double booking and to simply let everyone know what the day’s schedule looks like. You can choose to view all calendars together, or if you have different calendars for each family member you can also choose to view them separately. The app will also send you reminders for different events and provide a snapshot in their news feed including things happening in your calendars, updated appointments, comments, and likes. TimeTree is available on Apple and Android devices as well for use on the web.


FamilyWall helps keep your family organized by sharing everyone’s schedules and activities in one place. It allows you to track grocery lists, meal plan, manage to-dos, and provides a child locating service. Like other family organization apps, this allows you to share your family calendars with other family members as well as to create custom lists and meal plans. You can also share photos privately with family members. Families will love the Real-Time Location and Safe Zone Alerts that lets you see on a map where your kids are and be notified when they arrive at home, school, or any other destination. You can also message other family members within the app, create private groups, and schedule special events. FamilyWall is available on Apple and Android devices as well as for use on the web.

Coordinating your busy family’s calendar and scheduling special events doesn’t have to be stressful. There are many really great family event apps available to help plan, coordinate, and organize your calendars to make sure that planning family events is simple and easy.

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