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Nature names for boys and girls – let the outdoors inspire you

Start your child out as a nature lover with a name that matches

A parent holding up a baby outside in the snow.
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Nature names for boys and girls are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their calm and soothing meanings. Baby name inspiration comes from a variety of different places, but those who feel at one with nature or who love the great outdoors may want to choose a name for their child inspired by nature.

Mother Nature can provide an endless array of inspirational sources when looking for baby name ideas that are perfect for your little boy or girl. According to Nameberry, Sage, River, Briar, Dahlia, Fox, Ivy, Laurel, Magnolia, Willow, and Wren are all nature names that are found in the top 1,000 names in the U.S. So many of these names are gender-neutral, too, that you’ll never run out of options.

Mother holding daughter in a field of flowers
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Nature names for girls

The options for nature names for girls are almost as vast as nature itself. Whether you choose to give your baby girl a floral name, one inspired by the sea, animals, or other aspects of nature, here are a few nature names for girls that you’re sure to fall in love with.


Luna is the Latin word for moon and is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.


Olive is Latin and means olive tree, which is a sign of peace and tranquility.


Named after the precious gem, this is the perfect nature-inspired name for your precious gem.


Brooke is derived from both English and German and means water or small stream.


This old English word comes from the willow tree. The willow tree is symbolic of hope and safety.

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Nature names for boys

There is no shortage of nature names for boys to choose from. Whether you want something more botanical or seasonally inspired, here are some options to choose from.


Finn is a name of Irish origin meaning “fair” or ” blessed.”


Oskar is of Swiss origin and means “friend of the deer.” This is the perfect name for a little boy in a family of nature and animal lovers.


Not only is this the name of a large sea, but it’s also the name of Prince Caspian in the popular book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Translated, Caspian means “white.”


If you’re looking for a seasonal name for your little boy, August is a great choice.


Symbolic of the ash tree, the name Ash also means “happy.”

Toddler playing guitar
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Gender-neutral nature names

Nature names are very commonly gender neutral, so if you’re looking for a name that works for anyone, here are a few great choices.


The perfect choice for any baby if you’re looking for a nature name that evokes peace, clarity, and calmness.


River simply means “a flowing body of water” and although has been predominantly used as a boy name, is gaining more popularity as a nature-inspired name for girls, too.


A fragrant herb, Sage means “wise” and is becoming a more common gender-neutral name.


In Hawaiian culture, Kai means “sea,” while in Japanese culture, it means “shell.” No matter what meaning speaks to you, this is a beautiful nature-inspired name for a boy or girl.


A rowan tree is a tree with red berries. This name is another name that is quickly climbing the popular name charts for both girls and boys.

There is no shortage of baby names inspired by nature that is sure to suit your little one.

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