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Disney-inspired nursery ideas for every budget

There’s no need to drop serious dollars at the Disney Store in order to create the perfect Disney-inspired nursery. You can find Disney-inspired nursery ideas in a range of places, from Pinterest to your favorite mommy blogs—and, of course, right here. Check out these six Disney-inspired nursery themes, with something for every baby.

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Vintage Disney

If you prefer vintage Disney to all of this newer stuff (move over, Elsa; Snow White is the OG Disney Princess), maybe a vintage Disney nursery theme is right up your alley. All you need to create an old-school Disney-themed space for your baby? A few vintage Disney wall hangings. One cool idea? Grab some vintage Disney postcards for an affordable price, and then individually frame the ones you like most. You can also frame pages from vintage Disney books and decorate pieces featuring your favorite vintage Disney characters, from Donald Duck to Dumbo. This is a theme that you can make as budget-friendly or expensive as you like.

Toy Story 

Disney’s Toy Story is a popular nursery theme for boy’s rooms, mostly because of the bright colors, easy design, and action-packed decor options, but don’t let that stop you from using this theme for a girl’s room as well. To start, add some Disney nursery bedding in a Toy Story theme, and then drop Toy Story action figures on shelves and elsewhere around the room. You can even do a fun Toy Story cloud accent wall with minimal work, thanks to this adhesive, removable wallpaper. 

Minimalist Disney

If you find all-out Disney-inspired nurseries to be a bit too gauche for your taste, maybe go with a minimalist version. Creating a minimalist Disney nursery around your favorite Disney characters or movies is easy, thanks to the wide range of minimalist Disney decor available. 

You can find plenty of minimalist Disney wall art, mobiles for hanging over the crib, and even throw pillows. 

Disney parks

Maybe you’re equally a fan of Disneyland or Disney World, as much as you are your favorite Disney flick, and you can’t wait to take your baby on their first trip to the Magic Kingdom. If that’s the case, you can always opt to theme your nursery around the Disney parks versus a particular Disney movie or the classic characters.

You could go with a Cinderella’s castle theme, an It’s a Small World theme, or even a vintage Disneyworld theme, thanks to the tons of memorabilia you can find online. 

Disney princesses 

Of course, the Disney princesses are a popular nursery decor option for many parents expecting girls. There are tons of ways to put together a Disney princess nursery, whether you want to feature all of the princesses or just your favorite one or two. 

Start with your larger decor items, such as Disney nursery bedding and wall murals, and then build on those as you move on to smaller decor items in your chosen specific theme.

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Mickey & Minnie 

A non-gender-specific Disney nursery theme, Mickey & Minnie (along with their pals, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy), is another theme that can be done as over the top or as subtle as you like.

For an over-the-top look, you can easily find tons of Mickey & Minnie bedding and other furnishings online. For something more subtle, tune in to characters’ primary colors—red, black, and white—as well as the red and white polka dot pattern you can find on Minnie’s classic dress.

The Disney-themed nursery options are nearly endless

These few Disney nursery theme ideas just scratch the surface of what you can do with your Disney-themed nursery. There are so many different options, and nearly all of them work for a boy’s, girl’s, or non-gendered nursery. Up, Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, Bambi, Alice in Wonderland—they all make fun motifs. 

And once you have your theme picked, it’s time to find inventive ways to create a space your Disney-lovin’ baby will cherish. Maybe a princess-inspired room gets its own princess dress-up station. Perhaps a Finding Nemo room gets a friendly goldfish, or maybe a Beauty & the Beast bedroom gets an Enchanted Rose nightlight. 

Whatever Disney theme you pick for your new nursery, the fun is just beginning.

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