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Learn a variety of kickball games so you aren’t stuck with the classic version

We'll teach you more than the classic version with these kickball game ideas

Whenever the gym teacher asked what everyone wanted to play in class that day, the kids would yell out kickball. It’s definitely an activity favored by most kids, no matter their athletic ability. It’s also one of the best family outdoor games to get everyone from mom down to the toddler moving around.

But are you sick of the same kickball game over and over again? Do you love to play but wish there was a twist to make the game fresh? To take things up a notch, we wanted to share some cool variations on kickball, so the game never gets boring.

A group of kids picking kickball teams.
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Kickball gear that you should have

The great thing is that you need minimal equipment to play kickball.

  • Kickball: Obviously, the most important item is the ball. The Sportime Playground Ball is red and 10 inches. But if you don’t have an official kickball, use a soccer ball, volleyball, or whatever ball you have around.  You want to make sure it has some weight to it so it doesn’t kick straight up, but not so much weight that your child gets knocked to the ground.
  • Kickball bases: These Orange Throw Down Bases include a home plate, a pitcher’s plate, and three bases. If you don’t have official bases, be creative. If you are playing in the street like the good old days, have your kids draw the bases in chalk.
  • Outfit: Kids can wear anything to play kickball. Obviously, it’s a bit easier to play in shorts, sweats, or something athletic. Gym shoes are the most important. No one needs a broken toe.
  • Hydration: Keep water bottles handy. When those little bodies run around, they’ll get dehydrated quickly. Everyone needs to stay hydrated to make it to the end of the game.
A group of kids about to play kickball.
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Different variations and kickball games

Activity Kickball

Talk about a fun fitness challenge. At each base, the runner is given a physical challenge to complete. It could be three sit-ups, hopping on one foot for 10 seconds, or five jumping jacks. They have to complete the activity to remain safely on base.  

Big Base Kickball 

In this version, use large gym mats or draw huge bases. If it’s not safe for the runner to advance, they can stay. Several players are allowed to group up on the same base, making it much harder to get the runner out.

Continuous Kickball

Ready for an adrenaline rush? This fast-paced kickball requires four balls and a large bin to put them in. Place the bucket by the pitcher. You will have two home bases side by side. The right one closest to first base is for kicking. The left one closest to third base is for scoring.  

The pitcher keeps rolling the four balls to kickers one after another. After the player kicks, they start running the bases. 

The fielding team has to catch the balls and place them back into the pitcher’s bucket. If the pitcher reaches for a ball and none are available, the kicking team scores a point. After the entire kicking team has had a turn, teams switch sides.  This one is a little more intense and would be perfect for those older kids who think the basic Kickball game is too slow or too kiddie-style for them.

Cooperative Kickball

This game offers an equal opportunity for all. After a player kicks the ball, they run a lap around their own team. When the fielding pitcher catches the ball, all the fielders line up behind the pitcher.

After every player gets in the line, they hand the ball over to the last person who yells “stop.” At this time, the runner on the first team should freeze. The number of laps that they managed to run around their team count as points. After all the kickers have a turn, laps are counted. Then the teams switch. The team that scores the most laps is the winner. 

Crazy Kickball

Ready for a workout? You’ll get a lot of running in for this game. In regular kickball, you run from first to second to third base and then home. In crazy kickball, players run from first base to third base, then to second base, and finally home. There are six outs per inning for each team. You are allowed to have up to five players on a single base. Crazy? Yes. But, fun? Also, yes!

Kick Basketball

Hoop, there it is. This is a fun combination of kickball and basketball. You’ll need a basketball hoop for this game. The kicker stands under the hoop as the pitcher rolls the ball to them. Afterward, the kicker runs around the bases. When the defensive team retrieves the ball, they shoot to make a basket from where they are. If they make the shot, they earn a point.  

No-Pitch Kickball

Think Tee-ball. Instead of having the ball rolled to the kicker, it’s placed on the home plate. The player kicks the ball from a standstill. If the defensive team catches the ball, it’s an out. If the player’s ball rolls, the defensive team must grab it and roll it over the home base to strike the player out.  

Kickball is a fun game that keeps children active and is the perfect way to get parents and kids together for some quality time. It improves their fitness, coordination, and encourages team spirit. So, play all of these new kickball games and get your kiddos (and yourself) out and moving around on the next nice day.

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