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Good, better, best: Modern high chairs that fit your home decor

Thanks to modern designers such as Joanna Gaines and Lyndsay West, a more contemporary, sleek, and minimalistic style of decor has been trending over the past few years, urging families to get back to styling basics. This is true even in homes with little ones running around, keeping things simpler for busy moms and dads. And baby furniture essentials are no exception.

When it comes to babies and toddlers, a well-made and durable high chair is an essential product to have in your home. But just because it’s essential does not mean it shouldn’t look aesthetically pleasing or flow nicely with the room. We have carefully researched and reviewed many modern-style high chairs available, and have selected three that we believe will fit in nicely with your home while providing your child a safe space to eat meals as a family.

Good: Baby Joy 3-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Up first, we have our most modestly priced option, the Baby Joy 3-in-1 convertible High Chair. This practical and multistage chair is a great option for parents that doesn’t carry an inflated price tag. Featuring a built-in footrest, adjustable legs, removable tray, and five-point harness, this smartly priced and aesthetically pleasing high chair is ideal for children ages 6 months through 3 years — making it a safe and long-lasting investment for your little one’s daily-living routine.

The Baby Joy’s reinforced, x-frame base is constructed from beech wood — a material known for its pressure resistance and durability. The seat’s makeup is constructed from food-grade materials with a soft cushion. It’s available in four eye-catching colors. Additionally, the legs are completely adjustable, making it perfect for any situation or housing setup. From a fully harnessed high chair to a less restrictive toddler booster seat, this modern and stylish chair is both sophisticated and sensible.

Why we like it: 

  • Modestly priced
  • Good for children up to three years old
  • Available in four color options

Better: HEAO’s 4-in-1 Reclining High Chair

If you’re looking for a little more bells and whistles on your modern-style highchair, HEAO’s 4-in-1 Reclining High Chair is just what you may be looking for. This chair features a few more accessories for your tiny tot, including rocking and reclining elements. The easy-to-adjust and removable tray is blissfully dishwasher safe, making daily cleanup that much smoother. HEAO’s unique design includes biodegradable beech wood legs and easy-to-clean faux leather cushions, which make it convenient to sanitize.

Additionally, this chair is suited for children as early as 6 months through 6 years of age! Now that’s some real longevity! As any good penny-pincher knows, smart investments save money. By purchasing a product that will last well into your child’s early life and see them through many firsts, you will be saving yourself much more of your hard-earned salary.

Why we like it: 

  • Good for children up to six years old
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers rocking and reclining features

Best: HEAO 4-in1 Convertible High Chair With Wheels

Last and certainly not the least, we have HEAO’s top-of-the-line 4-in-1 convertible high chair… on wheels! This chair takes comfort, style, ingenuity, and convenience to the next level. This reclining chair is perfect for young infants, supporting them at an early age, so parents can multitask during mealtimes. Its easy-lock brake wheels help parents stay hands-free in the kitchen while keeping them connected with their little ones. Additionally, HEAO’s four-point leg supports and five-point harness prevent little ones from tipping over.

The easy-to-clean and collapsible features allow parents to use this product whenever they need to. It is suitable for children through ages 5-6, with adjustable leg heights and footrests that will keep your kiddos comfortable at any stage of their development.

Why we like it: 

  • Easy-lock brake wheels make it easy to move around the house
  • Good for children up to six years old
  • Easy to clean

As you can see, from tiny infants to growing kindergarteners, high chairs can fit kiddos of most any early ages while also keeping them safe, reclined, and comfortable. This can also be done without sacrificing the aesthetics of your space. From neutral colors and muted wood tones to rocker-style seating and dishwasher-safe sliding trays, our selections of high-end, modern high chairs will give shoppers of any price range a good starting place for their registry gift ideas or new-baby shopping lists.

So, forget those big, clunky numbers that take up big areas of space in your kitchen and opt for a more sleek and sophisticated approach to meals with your precious little ones. Your beautifully and thoughtfully decorated space will thank you.

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