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10 incredible, memorable one-syllable girl names

How to choose the perfect single syllable girl name

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One-syllable girl names are perfect for parents who are looking for something clean, classic, and simple. Many parents who have longer last names often choose a one-syllable first name to give some balance to their daughter’s name, while others prefer a shorter name because it lessens the likelihood that it will be shortened.

Many struggle with finding the perfect name for their child, only for it to evolve into some shortened version or catchy nickname. If you love the idea of a strong, sweet, and simple, one-syllable name for your daughter, we’ve got some great ones to choose from.

Little girl learning how to make a sandcastle
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Brooke is a classic name that means “small stream” and is a sophisticated yet free-spirited name. Unlike many shorter one-syllable names, Brooke is a six-letter, one-syllable name.

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Sloane was originally a surname of Irish descent before slowly finding popularity as a girl’s first name. Sloane is a one-syllable name that would go well with a longer or shorter surname and has an air of sophistication to it without it being too formal.

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The name Wren is quickly gaining popularity as a gender-neutral name, especially after Chrissy Teigen named her youngest son the one-syllable name. Wren means “small brown songbird” and is ideal for anyone looking for a sweet, unique name for their little one.

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Paige is another name like Brooke or Sloane that evokes images of sophistication without being too stuffy, especially for a little girl. According to Nameberry, in 2022, Paige ranked number 316 in the U.S. in popularity, making it a great name for someone who wants something recognizable but not too common.

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Tess is often seen as a shorter form of Theresa, Tessa, or even Terry, but fans of one-syllable names have embraced the shorter name on its own. The name Tess can be sweet and kind while also being strong and firm.

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Many parents select the name Hope as a symbol of its namesake for their daughter, but that doesn’t have to be why you choose this beautiful name. Hope is also a classic name that is lovely and virtuous while also being steadily popular.

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Another gender-neutral name, Quinn is a popular one-syllable name for girls of Gaelic origin. This name is especially great for parents looking for something a little more unique for their daughter.

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Classic and sweet, Claire is a one-syllable name that has consistently ranked in the top 100 girl names across the U.S.

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J names are the most popular names for both boys and girls, so it’s no surprise that Jade is a popular one-syllable girl name. Jade, named after the gemstone, is often used for both boys and girls.

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The Kardashians sure know how to set a trend. When Khloe Kardashian named her daughter True, she helped elevate the common word to name status. True is unique and sweet, just like your little one.

Choosing the perfect name can be tough, but if you’ve been looking for a memorable one-syllable name for your daughter, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration.

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