5 reasons why portable baby seats make trips easier

Your baby loves being with you, but sometimes it’s challenging to coordinate going out while making your baby comfortable. You could hold your baby, but that prevents you from getting the things you need. You could use a blanket to prop them up, but babies are likely to crawl away. What’s a parent to do?

Portable baby seats provide a lot of flexible options for parents taking their babies out. Whether you want to spend the day at the park or you’re traveling for the day, portable baby seats can transform your trip from a hassle to something much more comfortable. Here are five reasons why you should consider a portable baby seat.

Portable seats are more convenient

Lugging around all your baby gear can be a bummer. You don’t want to unfold your pack and play at the park just to pack things all up again once you’ve finished eating lunch. A portable seat is lightweight and folds out in a snap.

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Keeping a portable seat in your car prepares you for anything that comes up. If you decide to detour to that empty walking trail for a quick playtime or you want to eat dinner on your front porch, you can get set up with no hassle and no time wasted. When you’re done, it’s just as easy to pack up.

Portable seats are safer than no restraints

Trying to keep your toddler seated on a picnic table can be a nightmare. Toddlers are notorious for squeezing into tight places, making mealtimes on your back deck also tricky. If you’re in a place with easily accessible stairs, forget it.

A portable chair helps keep your baby restrained so that your outings are safe. You can’t have fun if you’re always telling your child “no” or having to get up and down to shoo them away from dangerous areas.

Portable chairs also give you the chance to be spontaneous. You aren’t tied to your standard baby things when making plans. You can change things up and head out on new adventures, knowing you’ll have an easier time, and your baby will be safe.

Portable seats are typically affordable

There’s no need to buy more expensive gear every time you get an excellent idea for a new adventure. Portable seats are not only lightweight and convenient — they’re typically more affordable than standard baby gear. You can get some gear just for a trip or an afternoon adventure and not worry that you’re blowing your budget.

When your gear is more affordable, you’re able to take chances, as well. Accidentally leaving your portable baby seat on the porch during a rainstorm (with the baby safely in the house) suddenly becomes a fun story to tell rather than the time your spontaneity ruined an expensive piece of baby equipment.

Portable seats get your baby out of the house

Now more than ever, nature is an integral part of our lives. As we find new things to do, exploring what the great outdoors has to offer in our area is a fun way to pass the time and make new memories as a family.

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With a portable chair, your baby can go with you on all these adventures, and you’ll be prepared with a safe, clean place for your baby to eat and take in everything that’s happening. You can be together much more comfortably.

Portable seats give you a break

Parents can hold their children, but holding a wiggly baby or toddler for hours on end isn’t realistic. You want to be able to take some time for yourself without wrangling a child on your lap. A portable baby seat can provide your child with a place to stay while you eat or simply read a book outside.

Once you’ve rested and you’re ready to move on, you can carry your baby or walk behind your toddler. A portable baby seat can give you a small break to refresh and continue on your adventure.

Choosing the right portable baby seat

When you decide to purchase a portable baby seat, you should consider a few things. Here’s how to get one that will handle everything you need and keep on going.

  • What are the age and weight requirements? – Before you purchase your portable seat, be sure that your baby or toddler can use it. Check that your baby is within the manufacturer’s age requirements and weight range.
  • Does it have safety restraints? – Even in a small portable chair, your baby must be safely restrained to prevent injuries. The seat should have either a five-point harness for very young children or a safety belt for older children.
  • Is it easy to operate? – A portable baby chair is useless if it’s just as difficult to assemble as your standard baby equipment. You want something that will set up easily and take down just as quickly to make it convenient.
  • Is it easy to clean? – Children are a mess — literally. Get a portable chair that you can wash and sanitize after use so that your child stays healthy, and you stay sane.
  • What’s the budget? – You must decide how much you want to invest in your portable baby seat. If you’re using it for a variety of things including in your own home, and will probably use it almost every day, it could be worth it to splurge. If it’s for a once-a-year trip, a smaller budget could suffice.

Portable makes life easier

Portable baby gear gives you more flexibility to be spontaneous and go on adventures with your whole family. If you’re able to pack up at a moment’s notice, even to eat dinner on your front porch, you’ll be able to make memories easier and enjoy each moment without struggling to tote all the standard baby things.

We hope our list has inspired you to consider a portable baby chair. There’s nothing more satisfying than a fun, happy day of memories with your child, and a portable chair could get you one step closer to that reality.

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