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Every crib needs a great baby mobile: Here are 7 reasons why

A baby mobile is one thing you shouldn't skip for your little one's nursery

Parents-to-be love decorating the nursery. From the wall colors to the bedding, everything has a scheme and theme that comes together with every item. Some items you could probably leave on the store shelf, like the crib bumpers. But one item you might think about skipping – but shouldn’t – is the baby mobile.

Whether you want to stay as neutral as possible or go all out, the baby mobile could create a fun pop of personality in your precious one’s room. With the inclusion of the appropriate baby mobile, theming is made much simpler. Let’s explore a few other reasons why you should invest in a quality baby mobile for your child’s crib.

A baby playing with the mobile above their crib.
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Nursery reasons

Tie together a nursery’s theme

It’s fun to paint a whimsical ocean mural on a wall, but it’s even easier to buy accompanying wall hangings and toys.  A colored crib is an okay start, but a themed mobile over that crib makes for a better addition to an ocean nursery. With a myriad of mobiles on the market, you’ll be sure to find one that matches the theme in your nursery. Identifying a mobile that goes with your nursery’s theme or colors should be a breeze, since so many are available.

Showcase beautiful artwork

Mobiles available for purchase range from mass-produced plastic products to hand-sewn creations. Whether you choose to opt for an abstract mobile or one that displays things in the night sky, buying a quality mobile means that you will have also bought a form of art that is pleasing to your tot’s eye.

If you’re looking to buy a more unique mobile, consider browsing Etsy for a one-of-a-kind product. Look into artists you like and commission a mobile from them. You could always build your own mobile if you’re feeling creative. Mobile frames are available that let you hang whatever things you’d like.

Add a unique ornamental touch to a room

Even if you didn’t have a single theme in mind when decorating your nursery, one of the many mobiles available for purchase would make for a lovely enhancement to any room. Electing to buy a handmade mobile means that you have chosen a truly special item as a featured part of your nursery. The mobile could be a conversation starter and an addition you are proud of.

Serves as a semi-permanent hanging decoration

Some mobiles are not crib mounted and instead must be screwed into the ceiling. In fact, in the early days of crib mobiles, this was the only available type. While crib-mounted mobiles are arguably more popular nowadays, you can still purchase mobiles that hang from the ceiling. Therefore, a mobile’s status in a room can be elevated from a nice feature to the focal point of that room’s art.

If you buy a mobile that hangs from the ceiling and hang it high enough, it can stay up after your child graduates from a crib to a toddler bed and perhaps even past that stage. These pieces can be as permanent as you choose to make them.

A baby in their crib looking at the mobile.

Baby reasons

Soothes fussy babies

Some babies really don’t enjoy being put down to sleep. Instead, they want to be held all the time! Alleviate their discomfort by placing a calming mobile above their crib. Some mobiles play gentle music that help lull a baby to sleep. Other mobiles are just so appealing that they will entertain your baby and distract them from the fact that they aren’t being held. Mobiles provide you with at least a few minutes of valuable quiet time to sip that coffee.

Provides something interesting for baby to look at

The objects on a mobile can be mesmerizing for young eyes to gaze upon. Mobiles break up an otherwise plain visual field one sees when lying down in a crib. As babies begin to be more aware of colors, hanging multiple items above their heads that differ in color, size, and texture is especially intriguing.

Spinning mobiles add another dimension to what your baby observes, and mobiles are available that move in patterns beyond simple circles. Some mobiles even project images onto the ceiling for more to look at in the dark. The visual stimuli that come from a mobile are numerous.

Promotes brain development

Though young babies are more stimulated by high-contrast designs rather than colorful ones, older babies are captivated by vivid hues. Some mobiles come with developmentally appropriate hanging objects that can be switched out as your child ages. To start with black-and-white items are usually recommended, with a gradual move to colored items.

Since babies can’t see far distances at first, you might hang a mobile lower down during their first few months. Fine motor skill development is also encouraged, since babies tend to grab for the objects hanging from mobiles.

The sheer number of mobiles on the market is astounding. Some parents might choose to forego premade items in favor of a custom mobile or accomplish a DIY project. No matter where you source your baby’s crib mobile from, it will provide hours of fun for your child. When making your list of nursery items, keep the wall decals off if you want, but make sure to keep the baby mobile on the list.

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