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5 great snowsuits for infants and babies to help them brave the cold

Dressing your baby for winter can be quite tricky considering that he or she can’t tell you if the temperature in the car is too cold or too warm. Thus, choosing the right gear is extremely important when it comes to keeping your baby comfortable and dry.

When you’re looking for the warmest, most durable, and of course cutest snowsuits for infants or a baby bunting suit, go for one that:

  • Has moisture-wicking loose and breathable fabric
  • Is waterproof or at least water-resistant
  • Can fit over your baby’s clothes
  • Has a zipped opening or one with snaps that’s easy to fasten and unfasten

Also, we have provided a list of the best snowsuits for infants that possess all of these qualities.

The North Face Infant Thermoball Eco Bunting

This snowsuit proves that super-cuteness combines well with practicality. It has a relaxed fit and asymmetrical zipped closures that allows for worry-free diaper changing. Additionally, the suit has a handy zip guard to prevent unexpected (but common) zipper mishaps. Also, its lining is made of high-pile fleece, with fold-over cuffs at the hands and feet. Another advantage for the environmentally conscious family is that it’s fabricated from recycled, eco-friendly material.

Arctix Infant Bunting Snow Suit

Your baby will be styling in any of the available bright colors. This baby bunting suit is designed to keep your infant warm in extremely low temperatures without the discomfort of being bulky. It comes with a diagonal zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off in addition to fold-over flaps that will keep your little one’s hands and feet warm. Plus, it’s water-resistant.

Muddy Puddles 3-in-1 Scamp Hooded Snowsuit

This adorable yet practical snowsuit allows for fun and easy winter outings because it’s waterproof. It also has a removable fleece that you can use as a warm underlayer or on its own without the outer shell. Attached to it is an adjustable hood that has Sherpa lining and a double-zipped closure in front.

Gap Baby ColdControl Ultra Max Snowsuit

When you’re looking for both functionality and a unique pattern (vintage palm or flint gray), you might like the Gap Baby ColdControl Ultra Max Snowsuit. The front double zippers make it easy to slip this snowsuit on and off. With a water-resistant shell on the outside and a fluffy inner layer on the inside, your baby will be well-protected from the cold. Also, you’ll love those cute little ears on top of the hood.

Columbia Baby Powder Lite Reversible Bunting Suit

For two distinct looks wrapped into one bunting suit, you can opt for the Columbia Baby Powder Lite. This baby bunting suit stands out because it’s reversible. One side is two-toned with the top being one color and the bottom half being another. When you turn the suit “inside out,” you get a fun pattern or a different solid color.

Moreover, your baby will gain full coverage from the cold with a soft chin guard and fold-over ends on the sleeves and feet. The crossover zipper provides a secure closure without hindering your little one’s movement.

So, as you can see, there are many choices of snowsuits for infants. Now that you have some ideas about which features to look for, the fun part begins — finding the cutest one that keeps your precious little bundle warm, toasty, and protected from the elements during those winter outings.

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