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6 great gifts to get your baby this holiday season

Holidays with little ones are the best. You get to relive the Christmas spirit through their innocent eyes. You believe in the holiday magic all over again. Even when they wake you up 3 hours earlier than normal on Christmas morning, you can’t help but enjoy all of it. Plus, shopping for a baby brings such adorable joy. Let’s look at some fun gift ideas for your baby for the holidays.

baby playing with toys
Shirota Yuri/Unsplash

For a newborn

For a newborn baby, the gift is basically for you. They don’t know anything about anything yet. They can’t open it, and they can’t play with it. It’s for show, so get something that you’ll be excited about.

Cute outfits

Adorable little outfits from Carter’s or Target are perfect for your new baby. Make them as fun and festive as you can. The first holiday season with a new baby is the best. From frilly dresses to itty bitty ties, to matching pajamas sets with you, get it all.

If you want a more personalized outfit, maybe something with your baby’s name on it, Etsy is a great place to go. You’ll also be supporting a local artist and business.

Stuffed animals

A fun little stuffed animal to match the nursery would be great. Or if you lost the argument of how to decorate the nursery, then this is the time to get them something you wanted. Whether it’s your favorite sports team, your favorite childhood character, or something you’ve just always wanted to get a baby, go for it.

Babies up to 6 months old

When babies get a little bit older, you can get them some more fun things. They have some grasping skills now, so actual toys can be purchased.

Toys that light up/make noise

So the make noise part isn’t so much fun for you, but your baby will love it. Fisher-Price obviously has all of the options for toys, but another good brand is B Toys. They have some great sensory options as well.

Shop Toys

Teething toys

Ah, your baby could be cutting some teeth, and everyone is cranky. Please get them some teething toys. The funnier, the better.

Shop Teething Toys

Bath toys

Your baby will be able to splash around at bath time now. Cute ships or cars for bath time would be a good idea. It would help if you had something to distract them while you wash them now that they are more mobile.

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Babies up to 12 months

Now is when the real fun starts. Your baby has a little personality that has come through. You have been able to get to know each other a little bit. You can find something more tailored to their likes and not so much yours.

The variety of toys you can get now is immense. From stackable objects to blocks to bath toys, you can start to really go nuts. Here are some cute ones.

Vtech Touch and Learn Musical Bee

Basically Vtech anything. They make so many awesome light up and singing toys now. This one is a cute little bee that will teach your baby songs, colors, 123s, shapes, and more.

Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

The little activity tables are great. Leapfrog has a ton of different ones. You can either tip the table on its side if your baby isn’t standing yet. But if your baby can pull himself up, then these kinds of activity tables are amazing. There’s so much for them to explore and learn.

B Toys

Anything by them in general. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, and they are environmentally friendly. Their toys come with a cute little informational card. Their website is pretty funny to read through too. They have toys for baby through toddler.

If the baby isn’t your baby

If you are getting a gift for a friend’s baby, it’s best to ask what the parents want. Some might not want something too noisy or loud. Some might want certain characters or only Disney brand toys. It’s better to ask, but if you don’t, always include a gift receipt.

Shopping for a baby for the holidays is one of the most joyous things. You don’t have to worry about the baby complaining that they don’t like it. You get to go into the kid’s sections of all of the stores. So enjoy shopping for a baby and embracing the holiday fun.

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