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4 best summer camp flicks your 9-year-old can stream on their iPad

Whether you are trying to get your kiddo psyched for fun, sun, and a few rounds of capture the flag — or just searching for some evening entertainment the whole family will enjoy — we’ve got you covered with our top four picks for the best movies about summer camp.

Girl watching iPad

The Parent Trap

Little Lindsay Lohan x 2 — how can you resist double the trouble? In this 1998 Nancy Meyers’ remake of the 1961 film, two young girls who were separated at birth — and each raised by one biological parent — accidentally meet at a summer camp. They devise a plan to get their parents back together, but first, there are lots of shenanigans, hijinks, and an identity swap to contend with. Naturally.

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Where to Stream It: Disney+ or Amazon Prime

Troop Beverly Hills

So one of our top camp movie picks does not actually involve a camp. (Weird, right? But, as the kids say: If you know, you know.) Starring Shelley Long as an unlikely super-rich Wilderness Girls troop leader, this movie centers around friendships, adventure, and, obviously, cookie sales. The group of misfits come together to succeed and prove themselves — with souped-up 90210-worthy uniforms, of course. Don’t worry, Troop Beverly Hills provides all the summer-camp feel without technically involving a summer camp.

Where to Stream It: Amazon Prime or Google Play

It Takes Two

OK, we admit that this is pretty much the same as Parent Trap — except that, you know, it’s starring the Olsen twins. Still, if you love one of these two movies, you will definitely love the other, too– so why not enjoy both? In this 1995 film, Amanda, a young orphan, and Alyssa, a wealthy little girl, happen to look identical by crazy coincidence. They meet by chance and decide to switch places and conspire to ignite romance between Alyssa’s father and Amanda’s social worker. In the process, Amanda brings chaos to Alyssa’s terrible soon-to-be stepmother’s life, and Alyssa learns the joys of camp life (and eating sloppy Joes). You see where this is all going, right?

Where to Stream It: Apple TV or Amazon Prime

Camp Rock

Mitchie, a young girl played by Demi Lovato, has to work in the camp kitchen to earn her keep at Camp Rock, a music camp for budding stars. When a popular musician overhears a mystery voice singing, he embarks on a mission to find out who this amazing singer is. Spoiler: It is Mitchie, and she has to be willing to step out of the shadows of the kitchen, overcome her insecurities, and embrace her inner, confident self.

Where to Stream It: Disney+

Get out a tent, prepare the snacks, and stream the best summer-camp movies directly on your iPad. Your big kid or tween will love these cute, campy, and super-fun flicks about sunshine, friendships, and growing up. Watch them together (campout style, of course) — or just allow your camp-bound kiddo to screen them solo to get pumped up for the season ahead. Happy viewing!

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The Rookie
If Dad is a baseball fan, this Dennis Quaid film is a great pick for Father's Day. It's based on the true story of Jim Morris. A shoulder injury derailed Morris' shot at the big leagues. Fast-forward 12 years, and he's a high school chemistry teacher, baseball coach, husband, and dad. When his players realize Coach Morris still has quite the fastball, they make him a deal: If the struggling team wins the district championship, he goes to a major league tryout. Does he make it? You'll just have to watch on Father's Day to find out.
A perfect family-friendly movie that you just might need a box of tissues for is Onward. This is the story of two elf brothers and their supernatural quest to spend one last day with their late dad. The animated, action-adventure story features a well-known lineup of voice-overs, including Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It's touching and a wonderful movie to watch as a family.
The Incredibles
Another dad-centered movie, Mr. Incredible loves his family, but he isn't happy when he has to trade in his superhero lifestyle to be Mr. Regular. When he gets the chance to dust off his cape, he takes it, but trouble soon follows, and it's up to Mom and the kids to put on their superhero capes to come to the rescue.
"Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" Al Michaels' call on the U.S. Olympic hockey team's victory on the ice over the Russians made history -- as did the victory, which is considered one of the greatest sports moments of the 20th century. Okay, so Miracle isn't technically a dad movie, but it is a film that fathers and the whole family will enjoy, especially if Pop is a hockey dad and spends a lot of time taking the kiddos to and from the rink.
The Mighty Ducks
A classic family-friendly movie, everyone will enjoy is the 1992 hit that inspired a franchise. Gordon Bombay misses a crucial penalty shot to win a championship as a kid shortly after losing his father. His miss and his coach's reaction haunts him. Bombay grows up to be a hotshot trial attorney with little regard for the human touch or compassion. When he gets arrested for a drunk-driving offense, he's sentenced to coach a hockey team that makes the Bad News Bears look good. The rest is a feel-good film ideal for Father's Day. After you watch it, check out Disney+'s series based on the movie, Mighty Ducks Game Changers.

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