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9 Halloween crafts and activities for 10-year-olds

The Halloween season comes with some of the most creative crafts for your kids to do. When you don’t have to think of a theme, it makes it so much easier to focus on enjoying the craft. Halloween crafts for kids are typically the most beloved October Halloween activities you can do with your child. They are also the most convenient, as you probably have the materials to do them around your house anyway.

When you have older kids, it’s so much more fun and relaxing. You can get into more detailed crafts or do them side-by-side since they don’t need the supervision as a smaller child would. These nine Halloween activities for kids will be perfect for you and your kids to have a spooktacular season.

A family doing a Halloween craft.

Spooky bingo

What you’ll need

  • Blank papers
  • Markers/crayons
  • Candy for Bingo chips

Anytime you can play a game to keep kids entertained is encouraged. Bingo will get the whole family involved. You can have your 10-year-old make the boards. You can print off blank templates and have them fill in the spots with Halloween-themed pictures. Once your kiddos are done decorating the cards you can use candy as chips and have fun playing some Halloween Bingo.

Painting pumpkins

What you’ll need

  • Paints/paintbrushes
  • Pumpkins of various sizes

At that age, a child’s creative ability should be decent enough to have some fun with this. Plus, painting pumpkins is a lot less messy than carving pumpkins. Does your child like Minecraft? Roblox? Disney? Your kiddo will have fun painting their favorite show or logo on the pumpkins. You can paint a pumpkin as well and ask the rest of the family which pumpkin they like best.

Pasta bones

What you’ll need

  • Various kinds of pasta/noodles
  • Black and orange paper
  • Glue
  • Optional – paint

Your kids can get as spooky or as funny as they want creating their own noodle skeleton scene. Your child will glue the pasta pieces on either black or orange paper. They can paint the pieces before they glue them down if they want to make them more colorful. At the age of around 10, they should be able to get pretty darn detailed. You can hang their artwork up around the house to have the spookiest house in the block.

Monster mason jars

What you’ll need

It’s always best when you can make a craft that you can use and enjoy. Your kiddo will have fun making a mummy, monster, skeleton, pumpkin, or ghost mason jar. Make one of each or an army of ghouls. Use them to store pens, your q-tips, or the good candy that you’ll be snacking on later. You could also fill them up with goodies and pass them out to family members.

A couple of families enjoying Halloween crafts together.

Ghoulish bookmarks

What you’ll need

  • Thick car stock
  • Markers
  • Washi tape
  • Googly eyes

Let your kids make bookmarks for everyone. They can hand them out in school on Halloween or give them to the neighborhood kids. You can cut the card stock up to the size or shape wanted and let your child decorate it. Or, if your kid does well with beginner origami, there are some super fun Halloween-themed folding bookmark crafts. You could also cut the card stock into smaller pieces and put a magnet on the back to make some fridge magnets.

Day of the dead rocks

What you’ll need

  • Various rocks
  • Paint/paintbrushes

If your kids love the movies Book of Life and Coco, then keep that light alive by letting them try their hand at painting rocks in that sugar skull style. You could get some small planters and let them paint those as well. Painting can be very calming. Put some Halloween music on and let your child enjoy.

Halloween hunt

What you’ll need

  • Scavenger hunt sheet
  • Objects to find

When you can make the scavenger hunt a little harder it gets so much more intense. You can print a list off or take a walk around your neighborhood to see what you could write down. Let the kids pick treats as a prize for the first one done. Whatever gets the kids to run around and burn that energy works the best.

Bobbing for treats

What you’ll need

  • String
  • Candy/donuts/treats

Forget bobbing for apples. Who actually likes sticking their face in water? Let the kids have a blast trying to grab treats with their teeth. Use the string to tie around candy bars, donuts, or other candy and hang them from a tree in your yard or around your house. Get the camera ready for this one. It will be sure to provide some great candid shots.

A group of kids doing a Halloween activity.

Ghostly Oreos

What you’ll need

  • Oreos
  • Melted chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • Edible glitter
  • Various candies (smashed up)
  • Various small bowls
  • A fork

Get this all set up and let the kids have all of the fun making the treats. Melt some chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, put sprinkles in another bowl, and any other smashed candy pieces you want to use for decoration in other bowls. Have your child put a fork inside the cream of the Oreo and they can dip it in the chocolate, sprinkles, or whatever other toppings they want. They do all of the work and you get to taste test. It’s perfect!

As your child gets older it can make the world of activities so much more interesting. You’ll spend less time showing them how to do a craft and more time watching their mind figure out what they are going to do. And Halloween crafts are always the most adorable ones.

You are going to love watching your 10 year old doing these Halloween crafts for kids. We all just want you to have fun celebrating the Halloween season and create a wonderful experience for our children. With these 9 ideas for your 10-year-old, you’ll be sure to do just that.

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