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5 toddler-sized armchairs your kids will love

Toddlers are active creatures. They rarely stop moving — on a perpetual mission to see, play, and do! Of course, when they do take a moment to relax, they can be looking for where they want to chill (usually it’s on top of Mom or Dad’s head). But a fun and comfortable lounge chair can give them a designated place to read books or enjoy a bit of solitude and quiet (however fleeting it may be). There are so many adorable seating options available online.

Do you want one that is character-themed, shaped like an animal, or maybe a seat that resembles their favorite grown-up’s resting spot? We’re sharing our favorite toddler lounge-chair ideas for your little one’s nursery.

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Delta Children Mickey Mouse Upholstered Kids Chair

Hot dog! Little Disney fanatics will absolutely love resting their small fannies in this adorable Mickey Mouse armchair. Recommended for children ages 3-plus, it’s durable with a hardwood frame and padded seat. It should be noted that this option can only be spot cleaned — so if you’re going to let your sweetie snack in their chair, maybe skip this one!

Who it’s best for: The Disney-obsessed kid (aren’t they all?) looking for a cozy spot to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Animal Adventure Grey Elephant Children’s Plush Chair

Got an animal-lover at home? They’ll adore this super-cute elephant-inspired armchair (or you can opt for a different cozy creature — there’s a fox, an owl, a puppy dog, and other options to choose from). Made with soft fabrics, it’s suitable for children 18 months-plus. Bonus: You can easily remove and wash the outer cover.

Who it’s best for: Toddlers with an animal-themed nursery or playroom who love it when you read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Pottery Barn Kids Oversized Anywhere Chair

Want a classic option that will look stylish in your home? Splurge on a personalized toddler armchair from Pottery Barn Kids. Lightweight and portable (so your or your kiddo can move it from room to room), it features a removable and washable cotton-twill slipcover (it zips and unfastens). Greenguard gold certified, it also meets strict standards that limit chemical off-gassing.

Who it’s best for: Kids who want their very own chair everywhere in the house (and everyone knows it’s theirs)

Delta Children Foam-Filled Chair

A traditional bean-bag chair might not be the best option for your toddler. They’re squishy and comfy, but not super supportive; your babe might find it difficult positioning themselves or even getting up! This foam chair has a similar look, but it offers more structure. Ideal for children ages 2 to 6, this furry, rainbow-inspired option is equal parts functional and fashionable.

Who it’s best for: Kids with a unique artistic sensibility

Costzon Kids Recliner Chair

Adulting is hard — so you retreat to your recliner chair, put up your feet, and have a drink (when you get a second!). Your kiddo can do the same (you know, when toddler-life takes its toll!). This grown-up recliner-inspired chair is equal parts kitschy and useful. It features soft, velvet-like fabric and a sturdy wooden frame that can hold up to 120 pounds. Ergonomically designed, it has a high backrest and wide armrests for supportive lounging. Plus, it has cup holders and side pockets to catch all your kids’ must-have treasures. This option is suitable for children over 3 years of age.

Who it’s best for: Mini-mes who want to be just like Mom and Dad

Baby lounge chairs are not only decorative, they’re practical, too. Your little one will love having their own special spot. Whether you decide to go with a traditional option or a character-shaped seat, your child will get a kick out of putting their feet up in style!

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