The best bath kneelers with elbow rests to save parental joints

Any experienced parent can tell you that rolling up a towel to kneel on while you give your baby a bath is not the solution to your sore knees and elbows. They get wet and dirty, and only create more laundry for you. Avoid the frustration and extra work by getting proper cushioning, so you can enjoy bath time as much as your little one.

Bath time is an opportunity for your baby to relax and play, but as a parent, you must always stay vigilant and nearby. If kneeling next to the bathtub is hurting your knees, and your elbows are already sore from reaching over the edge of the tub, you need a kneeler and elbow rest. These useful bathroom accessories are a must for parents to care for their knees and elbows while they share special moments with your baby and keep them safe in the bath. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

BABY LOVABLES Bath Kneeler and Elbow Pad Rest Set

Best overall

The BABY LOVABLES is the perfect bath kneeling pad for parents of your children. It provides extra-thick, waterproof cushioning for your knees and elbows. It covers a wide floor area and features suction cups for you to move around easily while you bathe your baby. You will also love the four quick-dry pockets for storage of toys and easy access to toiletries.

Skip Hop Moby Elbow Saver and Kneeler


The Skip Hop Moby Elbow Saver and Kneeler is a great-looking bathroom accessory with a stylish design that is as attractive as it is functional. This all-in-one product also features a large pocket for toiletries or toys. It stays in place with suction cups that attach to the inside of the tub and hangs to dry.

Blooop Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad

Best memory foam

Made from thick memory foam padding, the Blooop Bath Kneeler with Elbow Rest Pad is a colorful kneeling pad that offers greatest comfort for parents while you bathe your baby. It features four convenient pockets and six sticky suction cups for safety and comfort.

Make baby’s bath time enjoyable for both you and your baby with a bath kneeler and elbow rest to keep you comfortable. The functional products on our list are an important addition to your baby’s bath routine. They allow you to stay close by for extended periods of time, so you can play and keep your baby safe while they enjoy a relaxing bath.

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