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Here’s why a smash cake is a great idea for your baby’s next birthday

When your baby hits that first-year milestone, it’s only natural that you want to throw them the ultimate celebration. However, the unfortunate truth is that your little one isn’t going to remember their big bash and all the people that were there. Luckily, there are little ways to make sure your baby still enjoys him or herself while you celebrate with your loved ones.

Smash cakes are an ideal way to give your baby girl or boy some fun on their birthday, no matter the age! What is a smash cake, you ask? Well, in addition to a cake that will be served to your party guests, make sure to either bake or purchase a mini cake for your little one. When the time comes, serve your baby that entire cake! 

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You can find a mini birthday cake at most grocery stores or local bakeries. If you’re having trouble finding a smaller cake, you can also opt for a cupcake!

Whether they poke at it, “smash” it, or stuff their faces into the cake, you and your partner simply have to let your baby enjoy every moment of it. You really can’t go wrong — your little one will love having a full dessert to themselves!

Baby boy enjoys birthday cake
Michelle D. Milliman/Shutterstock

If you choose to bake a smash cake for their birthday, then your guests will love witnessing your baby’s moment unfold. Just make sure you don’t miss out on this photo opportunity.  Surely you and all your guests will be snapping photos! 

As you take photos, you’ll get to witness your child’s pure joy at having a whole cake and the different levels of happiness that come along with it. Perhaps you’ll witness quite the opposite — your baby being disgusted at the gooey frosting on their fingers (hey, it happens). Regardless, this is a prime moment to commemorate their birthday.

Instead of giving your little one a smash cake, you can also choose to do a full blown photoshoot. Take this opportunity to totally personalize the photo op and cake eating. 

Baby boy blue first birthday
Dementeva Julia/Shutterstock

If you and your partner are major sports team fans, then dress your little one in a mini jersey and make sure to have a football or soccer ball nearby. If you guys have a favorite television show or movie franchise, dress your baby as your favorite character! The options are limitless when it comes to design. 

You can take a different route, simply choosing a style of decor and rolling with it. Whatever theme you choose, hang up banners in the back, blow up balloons, and lay props everywhere. If your baby is staying in their high chair, you can even find banners made to attach to the chair. Thankfully, you can even purchase packs of smash cake decorations from major retailers if needed!

In all the decoration excitement, make sure you don’t forget about your baby’s look! If you’re not dressing them in a themed outfit, you’ll want to dress them in a birthday outfit — there are a ton of first birthday onesies and bibs waiting to be worn! You can even find soft crowns and hats for your baby to wear, and they won’t hurt their delicate heads. 

If you’d like to partake in a photoshoot but don’t want the hassle of getting all of the supplies, then you can even head to a professional photographer for a smash cake shoot. Don’t worry, you’ll get to collaborate with the photographer for your photo session design. Typically photogs, will provide the cake smash outfits and props, taking that pressure off of you.

Now you may still have to provide the smash cake, but the photographer will most likely have bakery suggestions. Once you’ve arrived at the photo studio with baby and cake in tow, now you can sit back and relax. Just enjoy the photo session, although you’ll probably be in charge of trying to make your little one laugh!

Whether you are choose a professional photo session, or if your baby is in a typical white onesie sitting in their high chair with just you and your partner, you’ll be thankful for capturing your baby’s cake smash moment.

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