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10 incredible baby shower food ideas that will wow your guests

Can't-miss baby shower menu picks that will delight

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If you’re hosting a baby shower, it’s easy to stress about the details, especially the menu. A lot goes into planning a baby shower, but like with most things, simple is best. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Your menu doesn’t necessarily have to mirror the theme, either. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to come up with Hawaiian food if you’re going with a luau. Feel free to include those go-to party favorites like mini tacos and sliders that are always a hit.

When it comes to baby shower food ideas, there certainly isn’t a shortage of tasty inspiration. If you’re looking for menu items your guests will dive into, let’s get cooking. We’ve got all the ingredients you’re going to need to make deliciously delightful food that’s easy to make and serve.

Cookies for baby shower favors
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Planning a menu for a baby shower

Just like most parties, stick to the basics. A straightforward menu means less stress for you and a quicker overall cleanup. Simpler foods are also easier for guests to eat while still enjoying all the other aspects of the party. Whenever you’re planning a baby shower menu, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

  • Decide if you want a casual or a more formal sit-down meal for the baby shower. Most showers tend to be more casual, with guests moving around, which is ideal for a buffet style.
  • Keep in mind the foods pregnant moms are advised to avoid, like lunch meats, fish high in mercury, any undercooked fish, meat, or eggs, as well as unpasteurized foods.
  • Check with the guest of honor to see if there are any food allergies.
  • Offer a variety of food options since some guests may be vegetarian or vegan.
  • Since you can’t keep every allergy in mind when preparing a menu, label foods for people with allergies.
  • Avoid super messy foods that are hard to eat, like barbecue ribs or chicken.
  • Avoid accidents by choosing sturdy plates.
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Tasty baby shower food ideas

Baby showers are always a mix of food, games, and conversation. There’s usually a lot of movement and activity. So, having a menu featuring finger foods is always a perfect pick. To avoid making the day crazy for you, choose make-ahead options to help save time. Order some items as well to cut down on your time in the kitchen. Here are some baby shower food options that are always a hit with guests and low stress for the host.

Cheese, please

Cheese is always a must at any party. You can make or order ahead a cheese platter with a mix of soft and hard cheeses. Just keep in mind to avoid any unpasteurized cheeses, which are a no-no for moms-to-be. Pair your cheese platter with an assortment of crackers and crunchy sliced bread.

Seasonal veggies

Crudité platters are another party staple and are a great option to have on hand for vegetarian and vegan guests. An inviting crudité serves up an array of vegetables. Tailor your baby shower crudité to suit the season. Cherry tomatoes and cucumbers for a summer shower and cauliflower and Brussels sprouts for a fall one.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls are another perfect pick for a baby shower. Keep them veggie, so you have another meatless option for guests. Buy frozen spring rolls to make ahead or order for pickup. If you have the time, Salted Mint has an easy veggie spring roll recipe. Don’t forget to put out a couple of dipping sauce options. You can buy these or make the one included with Salted Mint’s spring roll recipe.


Certain sushi rolls are considered safe for pregnant moms. Those include California rolls, vegetable rolls, avocado rolls, and cucumber rolls. Be extra cautious and order or make the sushi the day of the shower.


It can be Taco Tuesday any day, and a taco bar is another yummy option for a baby shower. Set up a taco bar with ground beef, chicken, and black beans, along with a cornucopia of toppings. Offer hard and soft tacos. You can also make pre-made mini tacos for guests to take if you think making your own would be too messy.

Guacamole and chips

If you’re doing a taco bar, then be sure to include guacamole and chips. Have some salsa on hand, too. Buy pre-made guacamole or make your own with The Seasoned Mom’s four-ingredient guacamole recipe.

Tea sandwiches

For a traditional tea theme for the baby shower, a delish assortment of tea sandwiches is simply delightful. Tea sandwiches are easy to make and eat. The Food Network has a spread of tea sandwich ideas like tomato cheddar, cucumber butter, and strawberry cream cheese to inspire you. Remember to avoid tea sandwich selections that incorporate lunch meats, high-mercury fish, and uncooked proteins.


This can’t-miss party favorite is always a crowd-pleaser. Serve up sliders with and without cheese. If you need a super simple slider recipe, try Natasha’s Kitchen.

Breakfast staples

All-day breakfasts are popular eateries. So, why not channel the anytime breakfast menu into your baby shower by serving up mini muffins, bagels, pancakes, avocado toast, and egg bites.

Mac and cheese

Another simple baby shower food idea is mac and cheese. This is a much-loved comfort food with a wide appeal. Make a big pot of traditional mac and cheese that guests can dish out themselves or change it up with mac and cheese bites.

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Easy baby shower dessert ideas

No shower would be complete without dessert. Dessert bars are a popular trend in place of the more conventional sheet cake. If you’re going for a baby shower dessert bar, be sure to include an assortment of cookies, mini cupcakes, and doughnuts, along with some seasonal fruit. Fruit skewers are quick to make and offer a low-calorie sweet option.

Putting together a menu for a baby shower doesn’t have to be complicated. Party planning is stressful enough. So, stick to simple food favorites that are always a hit with guests. With these appetizing and easy baby shower food ideas, the guests won’t go home hungry. Plan your menu around a mix of make-ahead dishes, catered favorites, and recipes you can whip up the day of the shower. Remember, the menu doesn’t necessarily have to fit your theme.

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