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The best umbrella strollers for toddlers that won’t weigh parents down

This week, our local weather is supposed to hit 67 degrees. How about in your area? Chances are, there’s no doubt that spring has sprung and many states are pleased to allow families to walk outside in the sun, whether stay home orders are officially lifted or not, as long as basic social distancing is observed. So why not get out the stroller and take the little ones for a nice spring walk? All you need is the right outfit and the right stroller…and we’ve got some of the best strollers  for toddlers right here:

Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller: best budget umbrella stroller

If you need a nice umbrella stroller but you’ve got a budget to consider, look no further. Cheap but adequate, the Summer Infant 3D Mini is a lightweight umbrella stroller, available with blue, grey, or pink accents. This model weighs only 11 pounds and can be used for every day purposes, solely as a travel stroller, or kept at grandma’s for the weekends.

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If your toddler needs a nap while you’re out and about, just recline the padded seat into any of the several positions available to suit their satisfaction, and pull out the handy sun visor to keep their eyes covered. The rear wheels lock and the front wheels auto-lock, so you can be sure the stroller doesn’t roll down any hills while you check out the produce at the farmer’s market. And for the best part, the plentiful storage compartments throughout mean you can bring your caramel macchiato along, as well as your your phone, keys, a few small toys, and your young one’s sippy cup to boot.

Get your Summer Infant 3D Mini stroller here for $40.00.

Pockit Lightweight Stroller: best lightweight umbrella stroller

Superb for travel, the award-winning Pockit Lightweight Stroller weighs in at less than 10 pounds, making it Guinness World Records’ most compact folding stroller of the year 2014.  With two steps of innovative design expertise, this stroller breaks down into the slimmest form imaginable with measurements of 12″ x 7″ x 20″— ideal for sliding into slender storage spaces while traveling. It also offers a spacious storage basket, and has swivel wheels on front that you can lock (as well as a rear parking brake) when necessary. Available in four different hues of blue or two distinctive black accents.

Although this brand only offers the slightest recline (see image above), it still comfortably holds youngsters from the age of 6 months on up to the day they weigh 55 pounds (appx 5 years old). The adjustable safety belt makes sure they’re snugly secured in at any age. Get your Pockit Lightweight Stroller here for $150.00.

Babyzen YOYO + Stroller: best luxury umbrella stroller

The Babyzen Yoyo brand is world-renowned for its reliability and compact, easily folded stroller design. Known as the “urban stroller for parents on the move”, the Yoyo+ offers convenience and durability that will dazzle any owner. Plenty of storage, premium padding for comfort, an all-new carrying strap, a rain cover, and canopies with UPF 50+ sun protection are among the stroller’s brilliant features. What’s more? All necessary fabrics are removable and machine washable, making the Babyzen Yoyo easy to keep fresh and clean.
Although the price is a little bit on the higher end, most customers feel it’s worth it to spend a little more to enjoy the peace of mind a Babyzen Yoyo gives. You know it won’t break when you take it along on vacation, lend it to grandma, or take it downtown for the day — and it even works with a car seat. In its folded position, you’ll easily fit it into any storage space while traveling. To demonstrate, watch it unfold from its tiniest position here.
The only real concern noted about this model was that especially tall parents may experience discomfort while steering the Babyzen Yoyo, as the handlebars are not adjustable – however such complaints are extremely rare, so it’s assumed that people enjoy the benefits of the stroller enough that they outweigh the handlebar issue. Get yours here for $670.00.

Others we liked:

J is For Jeep North Star Stroller

The feature-rich J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller offers all the chic elements and daily conveniences any busy family with a bustling lifestyle could hope for — and at a reasonable price to boot. Simple to assemble (just basically involves snapping the wheels into place), this stroller comes with a handy organizer that attaches to the back, nice long handles for easy gripping at any height, and a spacious sun canopy to block out any rays of unwanted sun while your baby rests safely in the shade.

Secure your kiddo in with a three-point safety harness, and take off on adventures across most terrains (very loose gravels or sand may not work well, however), over hills, grass, hiking trails, etc., stopping to enjoy a break using the attached footrest as needed. Highly versatile, the J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller has front wheels that swivel and a convenient storage area underneath. If that’s not enough, this stroller allows you to detach the child’s padded seat and roll it into a headrest, exposing the mesh back of the seating area for improved breeze flow throughout the stroller. This is perfect for days when the heat rises unexpectedly while you’re out and about, causing your little to get very hot and cranky.

The only concern customers voiced regarding the J is for Jeep North Star is the proclivity for squeaking. If you find yours squeaks as you push it along, simply treat the wheels to a dose of WD-40 (or any silicone or graphite-based lubricant) to alleviate the problem. For the black with grey color scheme, get your J is for Jeep North Star Stroller for $45.00 here. If you prefer the black with blue variety, get yours here for $70.00.

There you have a few of our favorite strollers for this spring’s walks and errands. Which did you like? Or do you have a different brand in mind this season? Let us know your thoughts and what you end up buying — and happy strolls!
Want more? Read on further to learn about the benefits of reversible strollers – this is something new parents would especially want to know about!

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