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The best toddler dance classes for your 3-year-old

Check out these different dance classes that are perfect for toddlers

Encouraging children who love to move and dance to music is a great way to help toddlers cultivate their own independence and personality. Toddler dance classes are a perfect way to allow young children to express themselves in a safe and fun environment.

Toddlerhood can be a frustrating stage of development for little ones, as they don’t always have a way of expressing their feelings and changing moods. Toddler dance classes are a great method for your 3-year-old to not only get some exercise but also channel their emotions through movement while having some fun.

There are a number of kids’ dance classes available that focus on different ways of moving, which can be overwhelming for parents who are trying to decide which dance class works best for their 3-year-old. If you’re looking to enroll your toddler in dance class but feel confused by having to choose from ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, or even a simple movement class, we are here to help. Keep reading to discover the best dance classes for your 3-year-old to see if there’s one you may want to check out.

Kids dancing

Movement classes

Organized activities, like a toddler dance class, require some focus, concentration, and rule-following. If you’re looking for a dance class where your toddler can enjoy music and dancing in a more free-flowing environment, a movement class may be just what you’re looking for. A movement class that introduces young children to the concept of music and movement can also help parents see if their child is even interested in dancing.

Cheerful toddlers at a ballet dancing studio


Ballet classes are one of the most common “first classes” for toddlers. Dance Parent 101 suggests enrolling your 3-year-old in ballet as an introduction to organized dance classes because ballet teaches children so many fundamentals they will use regardless of which type of dance they take as they get older. Ballet teaches toddlers to point their toes and dance gracefully while it also helps “develop flexibility, increase balance and strengthen their core muscles, which are useful in the practice of all other types of dancing.”

3-year-olds in ballet class


Not every toddler is going to be interested in taking a ballet class. If you have a little one who loves to make noise while they dance and express themselves, a tap dance class may be the perfect option. A Dance Place recommends tap dance classes for toddlers “who love to make noise and have fun.”

Not only is tap a great outlet for kids who may have a bit more energy and enjoy making noise, but it’s a good fit for those toddlers who still struggle with coordination. They also note that tap dancing is a great way to inspire toddlers to express themselves while learning in a group environment.

Young girls dancing


A toddler hip-hop dance class is perfect for any youngster who loves to move to the beat of current, popular music while incorporating their own personal style. Hip-hop classes teach children the basics of dance while relying a lot on their own improvisation, which is great for those who want to move more freely. Many suggest starting a child who may not enjoy more traditional dance classes, like ballet or tap, in a hip-hop class where they can explore dance more freely.

Toddler in ballet class


If your toddler loves a slower pace while dancing but still enjoys using movement and music to express their emotions, Prestige Dance Studio says a lyrical class may be the right fit. Children enrolled in lyrical dance classes are also typically enrolled in ballet at the same time, as they complement each other well.

Lyrical classes focus on slower, more sustained movements while also encouraging the child to channel their emotions through their movements. A Dance Place suggests lyrical classes for children who love to perform, as it requires a strong connection between the dancer and the music.

Toddlers jumping on a sofa


Is your toddler constantly jumping and tumbling at home? If so, an acro class may be just what they need! Acro, which combines acrobatics with traditional dance, is great for those who love to jump and perform. Dance Class for Toddlers suggests acro is an ideal class for parents who want their kids “to be more physically flexible, balanced, strong, and disciplined.”

Toddler dance classes are a perfect way for children to express themselves through movement and music. It teaches them grace and coordination while also encouraging their own self-expression and creativity. These classes are also a wonderful way for toddlers to socialize with other children as they master different dance skills. With so many options to choose from, there’s a dance class for almost any child.

If you think your toddler would benefit from taking a dance class, reach out to local dance schools or even local community classes to see what’s available and what might be the right fit for your child. Your toddler may even try a few options before finding the class that is perfect for them.

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