How to build a great sand castle with your kids

Summer is a time for pools, parks, and of course, the beach. The beach is a summer staple. It is a place to relax and get your tan on by the ocean. It can be an especially fun place to bring your kids along. Kids love the beach because of the water, the cool sights and sounds, and the sand. One of the most appealing things about sand for children is building magnificent sand castles. When it comes to building the best sand castle, you should have a few tricks up your sleeve. Sand castle building requires some technique to ensure a sturdy, windproof infrastructure. So, check out some of these great tips and techniques so you can impress your kids the next time you take a trip to the beach.

Pick the right location

big sand castle on the beach
Kit Suman/Unsplash

Too close to the water and your sand castle will be washed away within minutes. But, if you’re too far away from the water, the sand tends to be too dry and unstable, which won’t allow for a sturdy castle. Typically, the best location for your sand castle masterpiece will be about halfway between the ocean and the top of the beach. The sand should be a little damp but sturdy and firm to the touch.

Typically, most people sit right around the area of good sand castle-building terrain. This way, you and your kids can still hang out around your umbrellas and chairs while building your castle. Picking the best location is the first and most important step in a successful sand castle. It is important to ensure all your hard work won’t go to waste.

Make your base

Every castle belongs on a hill, so you should make a big, sturdy base for your sand castle to rest on majestically. You should size the base in relation to how big your castle will be. You and your kids can dig up sand and essentially pack it into a large mound. You can even dig a moat around it if you want to get fancy. After you pack down the sand so it is firm, you need to level off the top, so your castle has a flat place to rest on. It is helpful to have a ruler, shovel, or other flat tool to evenly form a flat surface.

Once you complete the base and have a moat full of toy alligators to protect the fort, you are ready to begin building your beautiful sand castle.

Get the texture right

little boy on beach mixing water with sand
Feri & Tasos/Unsplash

The perfect sand for a sand castle needs to be the right mixture between water and sand. Too much sand will result in just a pile of sand and too much water will result in a soupy, sandy mess. Before you begin building, test out the sand in smaller portions to determine if it will hold up. The sand should be slightly dampened. This will provide the perfect sand castle structure.

Utilize buckets

Buckets are a must for building sand castles with your kids. They are essentially castle molds. Sand castle buckets come in a bunch of designs so you and your kids can take a trip to the store and find the ones they love the most. You should get multiple styles and sizes to add a little variety to your castle master piece. Some buckets are even shaped like sea animals so you can build a friendly creature next to your sand castle.

little girl by ocean putting sand into a bucket
Susanne Jutzeler/Pexels

When you’re ready to build, fill up your buckets with the correctly textured sand and pat it down as firmly as possible. It needs to be super packed down so the sand castle will hold its shape. You may want to help out your kids with this part. Then, when you’re ready, carefully flip the bucket onto your base. Tap the side and the top of the bucket to loosen up the sand and slowly lift it up. Then, you should have a beautifully molded sand castle right in front of you.

Have fun

Even though there are a lot of techniques when it comes to sand castle building, the most important thing is that you have fun with your kids. If you fail and then fail again, it should be a laughing moment. This activity is meant to be a time to bond with your kids and enjoy their company. You can watch them show off their creative thinking and problem-solving skills when things don’t work out the first time. No matter how your sand castle turns out, it will be a magnificent creation that you got to build with your little ones.

Building a sand castle with your kids is a memorable experience. It should be a fun process that allows you to be creative together. It is something your kids will want to do every year at the beach, so it’s helpful to have a few techniques in your back pocket so you can help them build a beautiful, magnificent sand castle. They make for the perfect photo opportunity and will result in a special memory you will love to look at over and over again. You can also compare pictures over the years to see how much you and your kids continue to improve on your building skills.

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