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A family’s guide to healthy living in 2023, according to an expert

Learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes for the whole family in 2023

Getting healthy always tops the list of New Year’s resolutions every January, but it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to kids. Putting children on the path to a healthy lifestyle is the gift that keeps on giving. So why not get the whole family on the path to healthy living? Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry. We’ve got an easy guide for healthy habits for families right from registered dietician, pediatric nutritionist, and mom, Ali Bandier.

Mother and daughter eating vegetables

Be a positive role model

Like anything else, getting your family to embrace healthy living starts with being a good role model. Bandier emphasizes how much influence parents have over their children in regard to food and healthy eating habits. The environment you have in your home and especially at mealtime impacts the relationship your kids have with food. Bandier also points out it’s a tightrope walk with how parents positively or negatively influence kids on their eating habits.

baby eating fruit

Getting healthy in 2023

A new year is like a blank slate, which is why healthy living is a common resolution. If you want to get your family into healthy living. Bandier has some simple ways to instill healthy habits in the whole family.

Things to add in the new year

Instead of pushing your child to try out for basketball, make little lifestyle changes that incorporate the entire family. Model those healthy lifestyle choices and the kids with follow without the pressure.

  • Take a family walk after dinner
  • Add veggies to lunch and dinner
  • Sit down and eat as a family whenever you can
  • Get active as a family with sports, yoga, hiking, biking, or something new

Things to avoid in the new year

When making those healthy lifestyle changes, be careful not to be overly critical or restrictive when it comes to foods. Doing so can lead to eating disorders in kids and an unhealthy relationship with food. Remember, these helpful hints from Bandier.

  • Don’t label foods as good or bad for you
  • Avoid the word diet
  • Don’t focus on the pounds you want to lose
  • Don’t talk negatively about your weight or other people’s
  • Avoid praising kids for dropping pounds
  • Don’t pressure kids to lose weight
  • Avoid restricting food groups

Family going for a walk for a family fun night

Healthy habits for the family

Getting healthy in 2023 is a fabulous New Year’s resolution for the entire family. Modeling healthy behaviors is the most important step in achieving that resolution. Parents have a lot of power when it comes to food and healthy eating habits. If you think French fries are a vegetable, your kids will, too. A healthy lifestyle is a gift that keeps on giving to yourself and your children. Try Bandier’s simple tips this new year to put your family on the path to making healthy lifestyle choices without negativity and restriction.

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