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5 adorable outfit ideas for your kindergartner’s first day

kindergarten first day of school outfit

As you prepare your kids for kindergarten, choosing the right outfit for their first day is a pivotal step. I will never forget my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. She was such a big girl climbing on that bus, and I was the one in tears. Her little brother even climbed onto the bus right after her. That was pretty funny.

For any parent, deciding how to prepare for the first day of kindergarten is a major milestone. You want your child to look great and feel confident. That’s why choosing the perfect first-day-of-school outfit for kindergarten is so important. You want to select an outfit that is comfortable, fashionable, and that your child loves.  

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Talk to your child about what to expect on their first day and help them put their school supplies in their backpack. Talk about what it is like riding the bus. You can even give them a haircut to get them excited for their first day. Lastly, help them lay out their kindergarten outfit for the morning.  

As parents, when the bus pulls up, take a deep breath. OMG, the moment is finally here. You snap a picture of your little sweetheart stepping onto that school bus, and before you know it, your baby is off to their first day of kindergarten. Cue the mom tears. In your mind, you know that your child is off for a day of adventure, so rest assured knowing you did everything possible to get them ready for this day. 

We want to make your back to school shopping is easy, so we scoured the internet for cute and comfortable outfits your kindergartener will love. With this great selection of kid’s styles, you can create an endless array of looks for the classroom. Below are some of the cutest kindergarten outfit ideas.

Disney/Pixar’s Cars Boys 4-12 Hoodie & Pants Active Set by Jumping Beans®

This Lightning McQueen is one happening hoodie and pants set. Your kid will want to wear it every day because it’s so soft and comfy, from the inside out. It features long sleeves for those chilly fall mornings. It’s got an easy elastic waistband on the pants, plus the fun Pixar Cars graphic makes it extra special.

Find it at Kohls

Zunie Little Girls 3/4 Sleeve Tutu Dress

Now your little one can have comfort and style in this adorable kindergarten dress. The ivory top says “Sparkle,” and the soft pink skirt is literally covered in sparkles. It’s a pretty everyday look for any princess. 

Your kid can easily wear this dress alone with some sandals. Or, they can add tights and flats once the cooler fall weather hits. It’s a mix of comfy, cool fabrics so, they will be totally fashion-forward. But no matter what, it’s a knit dress made of 100% polyester, so your little fashionista will be comfortable and confident, which is what matters most.

Find it at JC Penney

DKNY Little Boys 3pc Shirt And Jogger Set

DKNY knows best to provide a sophisticated and cool style that gives any little one that downtown New York feel. This three-piece set includes a tee, shirt, and joggers so it can be layered up or layered down to keep comfortable. The fabric of this set is very soft and breathable and has an elastic waist drawstring closure design makes your kid’s more comfortable. It’s machine washable to remove dirt and stains. 

Find out more at TJMaxx

DKNY Little Girls 3pc Denim Jacket & Leggings Set

This three-piece set includes a denim jacket with a short sleeve tee and pink leggings to keep your little one comfortable and fashionably cool all day for their active lifestyle. You can layer up with the jacket or layer down if it’s warm. Cotton/polyester/spandex fabric is soft and comfortable for everyday wear. 

Find out more at TJMaxx 

LEVIS Little Boys Camo Batwing Tee And Jogger Set

Your kid will be the most stylish in kindergarten with this two-piece set featuring a long sleeve t-shirt with the Levi’s batwing graphic. Gray and heather camo joggers add a fashionable contrast. Whether at school, at home, or out playing with friends, this type of comfort is key. 

Find out more at TJ Maxx

The first day of school can be scary for some children. It’s a big change in their lives. Helping your child to look and feel their best will make the first day of kindergarten that much easier. So get ready to take an adorable first day of school picture. Your child is taking some big steps toward learning and independence.  

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