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How to make baby headbands that are adorable

Headbands became an accessory in the 20s for ladies. The fashion statement became practical during World War II when women wore them to protect their hair while working in the factories. Of course, sports headbands became a thing in the 60s, 70s, and 80s to keep sweat out of the eyes of top athletes. By the 80s, though, headbands became a popular trend for everyone on and off the field. Of course, headbands eventually made their way to children because they’re stylish and functional. A headband keeps hair out of the eyes and away from the face.

Today, babies have started wearing headbands, too. Now, babies don’t need a headband to keep hair out of their eyes. They just look super cute in an adorable headband that tops off an equally darling outfit. Headbands are picture-perfect for those delightfully sweet baby photos, and let’s not get started on the holiday baby pics. DIY headbands for baby are a fun project to get the creative juices flowing whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a beginner. So, how do you make baby headbands? Creating a headband for your baby isn’t as difficult as you might think and we have just the inspiration you need to get started.

adorable baby playing on the floor in a white headband

Safety first

Before you get busy crafting darling headbands for your cutie, remember, with little ones, you have to think about safety first. As parents know, everything ends up in baby’s mouth, and that includes headbands. So, make sure to choose materials that don’t have beads, buttons, sparkles, or even flowers. If you do decide a flowery headband is in order, make sure it’s only for photos or when baby is in sight of an adult. Even headbands with small pieces become a choking hazard for baby. As a general rule of thumb, any child under the age of three shouldn’t be left alone with a headband.

cute baby girl in a DIY headband

How to make baby headbands

There are a few different ways you can go about creating a headband for your baby. The rather simple process starts with the materials.

Best materials

Soft, stretchy materials are best for baby headbands. Babies have sensitive skin, so avoid any rough or scratchy materials. Nylon, knit, and cotton fabrics are often used to fashion DIY headbands.

Should you measure baby’s head?

Of course, size is important when it comes to making a headband for a baby. One that is too large will simply slip off, and a headband that’s too tight will be uncomfortable for the baby. The best way to find the correct size is to measure your baby’s head. A simple way is to measure the baby’s head using a piece of yarn, but if baby doesn’t want to cooperate, keep this sizing chart in mind for the headband’s size.

  • Newborns – 12 inches
  • Up to 3 months – 13 inches
  • 3 to 6 months – 15 inches
  • 6 to 12 months – 16 inches
Baby in polka dot headband
Shvaygert Ekaterina/Shutterstock

Quick headband

If you need a quick, low-stress headband, try using a soft, velvet ribbon in a fun, matching color. Measure the appropriate size and cut the ribbon. Then, tie a basic bow using the upper thigh as a convenient model. Use this method with other ribbon materials like lace or satin. If you don’t want to tie a bow, you can just tie a knot on the top like a vintage 80s bandana headband.

DIY headbands

If you’re crafty and want to make adorable headbands for your baby or as a shower gift, you will find inspiring tutorial baby-headband-making videos on YouTube. Try watching these helpful YouTube videos to create stylish do-it-yourself headbands for a baby.

No-sew headband

If you’re not confident with a needle and thread, you can make a no-sew headband. Instead of a traditional sewing stitch, use a hot glue gun. DIY Ashley has a step-by-step tutorial YouTube video which takes you through the directions to create a stylish headband without sewing a stitch. Melanie Ham has another no-sew headband approach which involves cutting a strip of knit fabric and attaching the ends with double-sided fabric tape. Ham says the great thing about using a knit fabric is that the fabric won’t fray.

Simple stitched headband

You don’t need to be an expert sewer to make a headband for your baby with a needle and thread. Slick and Natty have a YouTube video with directions on how to make different fashion-forward headbands using a simple sewing stitch and fabric glue.

Crochet and knitted headbands

If you are already into knitting and/or crocheting, you already have all the tools in your wheelhouse to create a super soft and trendy headband for your baby. If you need a bit of guidance, All About Ami has a helpful online guide for crocheting a headband for baby using a simple seed stitch.

Headbands are one of those hair accessories that have never really gone out of style. The trend has stuck around, especially for kids and athletes because headbands are functional and look good. Babies are relatively new to the headband craze, but what doesn’t look adorable on a baby? Baby headbands don’t take a lot of fabric to make, and you don’t even have to know how to sew to make one. For a real simple headband, all you need is a soft piece of ribbon.

Just remember when it comes to headbands and babies, safety first. When the pictures are done and baby is going down for a nap or into the car seat for the ride home, be sure to take the headband off. Most things including headbands somehow find their way into a baby’s mouth. Otherwise, have fun making some adorable DIY headbands for your baby or as a thoughtful shower gift for a friend or relative.

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