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10 best gifts for baby’s first Christmas that are practical (and not just toys)

Put these practical gifts on the list for baby's first Christmas

Baby in front of a Christmas tree
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What’s better than shopping for a new baby? Why shopping for baby’s first Christmas gifts, of course! Shopping for a little one’s first Christmas is such an exciting time. Celebrating the holidays with a new baby is such a joyous and momentous occasion. It’s pretty easy to go overboard with buying a mountain of gits. Ultimately, that isn’t a practical idea because remember most of the relatives will have the same idea. Parents aren’t the only ones who go a little crazy buying gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

Since baby isn’t going to remember this awesome first Christmas, a better plan is to buy some meaningful presents to mark the special day. If you’re looking for the perfect gift but want to ensure it’s something your little one will be able to use for a long time, you’ll love these practical gift ideas for your baby’s first Christmas.

happy baby by the tree surrounded by holiday magic
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Top gifts for baby’s first Christmas

If you’re on the hunt for noteworthy presents for baby’s first Christmas, resist the temptation to head through the toy section or Target, Walmart, or your local mom-and-pop toy story. Just like a kid in a candy store, you will be totally taken in by all the cute toys.

Don’t forget your relatives and friends will most likely take care of shopping for toys this holiday season. Most friends and family give baby toys that he or she can play with now or will be perfect in a few months. Instead of going too cuddly and shining, try and choose holiday gifts for baby’s first Christmas that will keep on giving year after year. Here are the best presents to wrap up for baby and put under the tree for his or her first Christmas.

Cash or gift cards

Whether you’re looking for a gift option for your own child or for someone close to you, cash is never a bad idea. Many people may think cash is an impersonal gift that requires no imagination, but in reality, babies are expensive. Providing money to either help pay for their needs or to be put into a dedicated account for them as they grow older is a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated by everyone. Whether you choose to buy a savings bond, or simply give cold hard cash, investing in a child’s future is always a great idea. It may be hard to wrap, but opening a savings account for your baby is the perfect gift. Family can contribute to it each holiday season.

Baby’s first ornament

If you’re the traditional type, you will definitely want to pick up a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament for the tree. There are so many different varieties to choose from, including options from stores like Personalization Mall and Etsy that allow you to fully customize the ornament. Or you could go with a sweet keepsake from Lenox or Hallmark to commemorate the baby’s first Christmas. An ornament is something that will be looked upon year after year and will always hold a special place on the tree.

Picture frame

The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and family and naturally, that involves taking a lot of pictures! What better way to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas than with a personalized picture frame? A picture frame is a great way to memorialize the holiday and act as a keepsake as the baby gets older. We tend to take so many pictures, but they often sit on our phones or online. So, having a beautiful, custom picture frame is the ideal excuse to actually print a picture and have it on display.

Christmas pajamas

One of the most practical gifts you can give for a baby’s first Christmas is a pair of Christmas pajamas. Not only do little ones basically live in pajamas for the first year of life, but they are totally adorable, too. You can choose a cute pair just for your baby, like these from Pottery Barn, or you can pick matching sets for the whole family. Christmas pajamas are a great way to celebrate the holiday in a practical way.

The Night Before Christmas

Books are always a great idea for children of all ages and The Night Before Christmas is a classic holiday story that will not only be well-loved by any family but will also serve as a keepsake over the years. It can be read year after year under the tree regardless of how old the kiddies are.

Baby’s first Christmas stocking

If you’re looking for a practical and personal gift for a baby’s first Christmas, a stocking is a wonderful gift idea. You can choose to fully customize your baby’s first stocking on sites like Etsy or choose to get personalized stockings from the entire family from stores like Pottery Barn Kids. Either are wonderful ways to commemorate a baby’s first Christmas while giving him or her something to use year after year.

Baby blanket

Baby blankets aren’t just practical. A cuddly baby blanket can become a source of comfort for babies as they grow older. There are so many beautiful baby blankets to purchase for every budget. You can choose to have something personalized or simply pick a classic design. If you’re crafty, you can even create something yourself.

Keepsake snow globe

Keepsakes are a great way to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas and snow globes are always a hit with kids. Sure, baby won’t appreciate the snow globe so much this Christmas, but it will be very special when it comes out every holiday season.

Piggy bank

If you want a creative way to give a monetary gift for a baby’s first Christmas, a piggy bank is a perfect pick. Money is always an appreciated gift and giving it in a piggy bank is a sweet way to present your offering. As your baby grows up, he or she will enjoy feeding the piggy coins and bills, especially when the allowance starts rolling in.

Board books

Books are most certainly the gift that keeps on giving. Stuff baby’s first stocking with some durable board or bath books. Board books stand the test of time and can usually be passed down to younger siblings when the time comes. Having a stash of board books is also a must-have when it comes for those bedtime stories all year long.

mom holding baby wearing christmas sweater
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Merry Christmas baby

When it comes to shopping for gifts for baby’s first Christmas, think practical. First Christmas presents don’t have to be toys. Leave the toys to family and friends. Instead, shop for those sweet keepsakes you’ll treasure taking out of the storage bins every holiday season. Baby’s first Christmas ornaments, a stocking, photo frame, and even a pair of holiday pajamas are memories are made of. So, when you’re making that list and checking it twice, keep these gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas in mind.

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