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Good, better, best: Portable washing machines to make your life easier

Portable washing machines are a wonderful invention. If you don’t want to run a full load of laundry or use a ton of water — or if you usually go to a laundromat for your washing needs — a portable washing machine may be just what you need once you have a baby. After all, they do seem to accumulate a whole lot of dirty clothes. (Not to mention, if your family ever goes camping, it’s a really nice thing to have!) Here are some of the best portable washers.

Good: The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash

This truly adorable portable washing machine is nonelectric and works like a dream. It washes a 5-pound load by a hand crank, making this one of the best portable washers to bring camping with you if your family loves the outdoors. Alternatively, if you want to keep the baby’s clothes separate from the large household load, this portable one would do just the trick in washing their clothes with ease. It even comes in a variety of colors, so if you want to keep it in the nursery, it can match the decor. This washing machine is the perfect one for small spaces.

Better: KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

With a total capacity of 26 pounds, this portable washer can hold quite a bit of laundry. If you like, you can operate the spinner separate from the washer, or you can run both at the same time. The built-in drain pump easily rids the washer of dirty water. It also has a timer for wash and spin times. With easy operations, you can quickly and easily get this washer going with the few quick turns of a knob or two. It features a 1300RPM power motor and a max frequency of 60Hz. It is perfect for light to medium laundry loads when you have to do them. It is all ready to go when you have a quick load of laundry that you need to do in a short amount of time!

Best: Black + Decker Portable Washer

The Black + Decker Portable Washer has a lot of power behind it for being a portable washing machine. It easily connects to any faucet and can wash from 19 to 52 minutes. It is top-loading and has an easy-to-read LED display. The washer has gentle, heavy, rapid, normal, and soak cycles. It is for use with cold water only. This is a great washer to bring on an RV trip with you, or if you are going camping and you need to wash your clothes. It is even great to put in baby’s nursery if you feel like doing baby’s laundry separately from your main laundry. It has five cycle programs and three water settings, so you can choose the best option for the clothes you intend on washing.

All of these portable washers make great choices and would be right at home in your child’s nursery. They can help you in your quest for keeping yours and your baby’s laundry separate so that you can wash them delicately — or keep you from having to run to the laundromat every day when your little one spits up on their fifth outfit.

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