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The ultimate gift guide for babies

Shopping for babies is just more fun than shopping for grown-ups, isn’t it? Everything is so cute and you’re never at a loss for what to get because babies need so much from clothes to toys and more. We’ve compiled a mega-list of home-run baby gifts perfect for holidays, baby showers, or “just because” from an aunt or grandma. Parents and babies will love these creative gifts!

This adorable five-piece bath set makes a wonderful baby gift incorporating toys, a book, and a cute elephant hooded towel. Bath time will be more interactive and baby can be wrapped in fuzzy warmth right out of the tub with these animal-themed gifts. The hippo, elephant, and alligator toys are free of BPA and phthalates and the towel is 100% cotton.

Before babies can hold a toy they pretty much only have their feet and hands to play with. These ingenious socks and wrist rattles add soft toys with engaging colors and patterns on to those little hands and feet so playtime is easy for any baby stage.

Babies wear hats in just about any season or climate since they lose heat through their heads and they’re so often indoors where it can be climate-controlled. These adorable baby hats make a sweet gift that will make parents smile.

The trick about activity gyms and play mats is that once a baby starts being able to roll over around 4 months old, it means they’re no longer contained if you put them down. Some babies roll all the way across the room into a wall! This play mat can be folded up or down to either make an enclosed play area on back or tummy or to be a wider open space. The bright colors and engaging patterns combined with dangling toys and 20 minutes of music will help baby’s brain develop and give parents a rest. When folded up, you can even use this as a ball pit in toddlerhood!

This six-pack of 100% organic cotton onesies has an adorable little pun and illustrated smiling vegetable on each one. From “I yam cute” to “little sprout,” parents will smile seeing their babies in these bodysuits, and they always need more outfits since baby’s go through so many every day.

Babies need to start seeing diverse heroes from the moment they start reading, and #1 New York Times bestselling-author Vashti Harrison has put 18 inspiring women into one board book for little ones. In her signature style, she showcases Frida Kahlo, Toni Morrison, Ada Lovelace, and others so that kids of all genders can learn about women who changed the world.

The five sides of this activity cube are filled with 14 different interactive features from light-up buttons to spinning blocks. The colorful early learning center plays 25 melodies and has adjustable volume. Made of BPA-free plastic, this toy is best for babies 6 months old and up.

Get creative with a teething gift by giving this silicone teether that looks like a fancy drink. The teether is dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe and is BPA-free and made of materials 100% safe for babies to chew on. There is even a clip to attach it to a shirt or bib so that it won’t fall to the floor when baby drops it.

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