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The best baby hair brushes for a soft and soothing scalp massage

Either made with natural fibers or hypoallergenic silicone, the suggestions we have curated are made with only the top materials and the highest levels of quality control to provide your baby the best brushing experience possible. Check out the selection we made with only the best baby hairbrushes available.

Baby hair is incredibly thin, so you need a very specific type of brush that won’t break or pull the hair out. With such a sensitive scalp, any sharp or pointy tips can create irritation and discomfort. That translates to crying — and nobody likes babies crying. All the options in our collection are proven to take care of your baby like you would.

Natemia Wooden Baby Hair Brush

Best overall

Image used with permission by copyright holder

When you are looking for a completely natural product, the Natemia Wooden Baby Hairbrush features the finest bristles made from all natural goat hair. Ideal to prevent cradle cap and oily buildup, this brush redistributes natural oil through the strands of hair and is a wonderful way of grooming your baby.

KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Best set

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set is the best bundled package we could find. This boxed set includes a natural wooden hairbrush with goat bristles, a comb, and a scalp massager with bamboo bristles. It’s all you need for both wet and dry grooming without tears.

FridaBaby Silicone Bath Brush

Best for baths

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Bath time is one of the best moments to brush, untangle, and comb your baby’s hair, and the FridaBaby Silicone Bath Brush is the perfect tool for the job. Made of medical-grade silicone, this brush is perfect to combat eczema, scaling, and other scalp conditions thanks to the antibacterial material, and it also improves circulation.

Keep scalp scales, dermatitis, and crib head at bay with one of the lovely options that we have researched and found to be the perfect match for most babies. On top of that, the soothing sensation that they get from the brushing is a gentle massage that will help them calm down and go to sleep.

Baby’s having a stomachache? Here’s what to do
Baby boy upset while lying on a blanket

When their little one has an aching belly, parents often look for assistance in treating it quickly to soothe their baby and bring peace back into their household. If you are a parent and your baby -- or even your toddler -- suffers from gas, bloating, colic, indigestion, hiccups, etc., there may be some products on the market that can help ease their pain or discomfort.

These products are available over the counter, purchased either at your local drugstore or pharmacy, or online via or even an FSA (flexible spending account) website. We have complied a list of a few of our favorite ones that have been and continue to be tried and true to their word by helping parents safely treat their child’s pain or discomfort at home, when possible.

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5 essentials you need for baby’s next bath
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Bath time for little ones is an important task for parents. Besides the obvious reasons to bathe your baby -- i.e., cleaning their delicate skin from the day’s diaper disasters and feeding malfunctions -- giving them that vital one-on-one time can build and strengthen their bond with their child.

But what kind of products should parents consider when it comes to bathing? While this list isn’t all-inclusive, we've selected items and products based on practicality, comfort, and versatility. Feel free to take our suggestions and adjust them to fit into your own household, personalized just for you.

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Parents say these 10 night-lights under $10 help their kids fall asleep
A star-shaped night-light

A newborn baby often wakes every two to three hours to eat. During this time, parents may dream about the day their child sleeps longer stretches. Even though toddlers typically need 11 to 14 hours per day of sleep (including daytime naps), they can struggle to meet this mark. Two-year-old sleep regression is one reason. They may also start to become afraid of the dark.
Generally speaking, experts recommend keeping a room dark. But every baby is different. If your child has a fear of the dark, a night-light can help calm them and allow them to get those must-needed ZZZs.
It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Parents swear that these 10 night-lights under $10 help their kids fall asleep.

AUVON Plug-in LED Nightlight
Best Overall
The AUVON Plug-in LED Nightlight is designed to provide gentle illumination and enhance your nighttime experience. Its innovative diffuse backlit design features 16 LED bulbs, ensuring uniform luminescence that softly reflects onto the wall, avoiding any discomfort from direct light into your eyes. Ideal for those sensitive to light or prone to insomnia, this nightlight offers a soothing solution.

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