The best baby hair brushes for a soft and soothing scalp massage

Either made with natural fibers or hypoallergenic silicone, the suggestions we have curated are made with only the top materials and the highest levels of quality control to provide your baby the best brushing experience possible. Check out the selection we made with only the best baby hairbrushes available.

Baby hair is incredibly thin, so you need a very specific type of brush that won’t break or pull the hair out. With such a sensitive scalp, any sharp or pointy tips can create irritation and discomfort. That translates to crying — and nobody likes babies crying. All the options in our collection are proven to take care of your baby like you would.

Natemia Wooden Baby Hair Brush

Best overall

When you are looking for a completely natural product, the Natemia Wooden Baby Hairbrush features the finest bristles made from all natural goat hair. Ideal to prevent cradle cap and oily buildup, this brush redistributes natural oil through the strands of hair and is a wonderful way of grooming your baby.

KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Best set

The KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set is the best bundled package we could find. This boxed set includes a natural wooden hairbrush with goat bristles, a comb, and a scalp massager with bamboo bristles. It’s all you need for both wet and dry grooming without tears.

FridaBaby Silicone Bath Brush

Best for baths

Bath time is one of the best moments to brush, untangle, and comb your baby’s hair, and the FridaBaby Silicone Bath Brush is the perfect tool for the job. Made of medical-grade silicone, this brush is perfect to combat eczema, scaling, and other scalp conditions thanks to the antibacterial material, and it also improves circulation.

Keep scalp scales, dermatitis, and crib head at bay with one of the lovely options that we have researched and found to be the perfect match for most babies. On top of that, the soothing sensation that they get from the brushing is a gentle massage that will help them calm down and go to sleep.

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