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Good, better, best: Toddler step stools that are safe and reliable

Hey, it is tough being a toddler. The world is big, and you are small. There is so much to do — that is just ever so slightly out of your reach. Even simple tasks like ascending the potty and washing your hands can feel daunting and challenging when you are a tiny tot; the seat is tall, and the sink is high. (And don’t even bother trying to get into the snack cabinet. Like, why did Mom have to put them way up there?)

Parents: A toddler step stool can help your wee one accomplish those seemingly insurmountable big-kid tasks all on their own. It allows them to exert autonomy and feel confident in their own abilities. One day, you will blink, and that cutie-pie of yours will be taller than you. In the meantime, give them a leg up and a bit of a boost with one of these three options.

Good: BABYBJÖRN Step Stool

The bathroom can be an intimidating place for a toddler since everything is so large and loud and tall. This basic plastic step stool can help. Measuring at 6 x 11.25 inches x 7.5 inches, it will help your child get easy access to the potty or sink independently. It features a nonslip rubber surface to grip the feet and keep them sturdily grounded. Bonus: It comes in multiple colors, and you can match your step stool to your mini toilet. (Why not?)

Why we like it: 

  • Simple in its design
  • Offers a nonslip rubber surface
  • Comes in various colors to match your decor

Better: WOOD CITY Step Stool for Kids

Made of durable natural wood, this step stool can hold up to 200 pounds — so it is safe to say that this option will last through multiple kids. Measuring at 13 inches x 14.4 inches x 13.4 inches, it features two stair-style steps and can be used in the bathroom or at the kitchen counter if your little one wants to help with meal prep (yes, please!). You can purchase it in white or black, too, to match your bathroom aesthetic.

Why we like it: 

  • Can hold up to 200 pounds
  • Offers two step options for kids
  • Available in a natural wood, white, or black color

Best: Mangohood Two Step Stool with Handrails for Toddler

If you want an option with a handrail for extra safety and security, this is the way to go. It features an adjustable height that ranges from 4.3 inches to 11.8 inches so that it can be used in many different ways — at the sink, on the toilet, in the kitchen, at the toy shelf, and everywhere in between. With a sturdy base and gripping footbed, this safety step stool for toddlers provides more versatility than others and gives kids greater confidence.

Why we like it: 

  • Features a handrail for safety
  • The height is adjustable for versatile use
  • Has an anti-slip grip for feet

Not all step stools are created equal. It may seem like a straightforward enough purchase, but a few big and subtle differences set some apart from others. Do you want a basic “box” model, one that has a graspable handle, or an ascending step? Take these factors into consideration when browsing online or in-store — or, better yet, get a leg up on your shopping — and just choose one of the three above.

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