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What is a baby sprinkle (and how to plan a great one)

Why you should at least have a baby sprinkle even if you already have a child

Cake for a baby shower.
Ajeet Singh / Unsplash

We all know the standard pregnancy celebrations. We’ve seen gender reveal photoshoots all over social media and have been invited or know someone who has gone to at least one baby shower. But what about when someone is having a second baby? Or is having the first girl after two back-to-back boys? Well, that’s where having a baby sprinkle comes in handy. Whether it’s been a few years since the last little one or you’re having one of the opposite gender and only need a few items, here’s why a baby sprinkle is the perfect way to welcome this new addition.

What is a baby sprinkle?

Baby shower party favors on a table
Vidal Balielo Jr. / Shutterstock

If you don’t know anything about pregnancy parties, think of it in scientific terms. What is a shower versus a sprinkle when it rains? Not as much water for one as the other, right? Take that and apply it to a baby shower versus a baby sprinkle. Think of a baby sprinkle as that grocery trip where you only need the fillers, and you’re not restocking the whole kitchen.

If you already have a baby

If you are parents to one child (or two or three), you probably have most of the stuff you need from the last child. But if there were items you wish you would have grabbed for the first one or you have a list of needs for this next baby, a sprinkle is the perfect forum to get those goods.

If it’s been a few years since you’ve had a baby

Even if you already have a child, maybe this next one is a few years further away than you wanted or planned. A baby sprinkle is the best way to get those items you may have donated, lost, or broke with the first kiddo.

If you have only one gender but find out you are having the other

Have all boys? You will want a sprinkle to get some girl items. Have only girls? You might use a sprinkle to get at least one item that isn’t pink. Not that certain colors are meant for boys or girls, but maybe you had a Minnie Mouse-themed nursery, and you’d like your first boy to have a new theme for their nursery.

Let’s sprinkle the details

A baby sprinkle isn’t going to be exactly like your baby shower. It’s more of a low-key event, should be less stressful, and is less formal.

gender neutral gift ideas for a baby shower.
Netrun78 / Shutterstock

You don’t have to open presents

You should have the majority of needed baby items if you already have a child, so the gifts will be more gift cards, cash, diapers, and smaller items. The focus this time isn’t so much on everyone watching you open presents. It’s not as fun watching someone open 15 boxes of diapers.

The games aren’t as big

If you choose to play games, they don’t have to be as grand as a baby diaper-changing competition. Keep things simple, like matching the baby picture to the adult or having an advice station.

You don’t have to invite everyone

The baby sprinkle doesn’t need to include every person you know. It’s OK to keep this shower to immediate family and close friends.

A registry isn’t a must this time

If you do a registry, it will look completely different from the first time, so most people skip it for a baby sprinkle. Unless it’s something personalized, most second-time parents want money, diapers, wipes, and the other not-too-exciting-but-necessary items they know will be used and appreciated.

How to throw a sprinkle

A baby sprinkle won’t be as grand of an event as the first shower. This party is more about having fun, mingling, and delicious snacks.

A baby shower party with a few guests.
Kampus Production / Pexels

The time frame

Throw a sprinkle toward the third trimester. You don’t need to go all out with the invites this time, either. If you love sending out paper invitations, go ahead, but a sprinkle can be more informal with an email.

Have fun with the theme

With the baby sprinkle, it will be all about the ambiance. Since gifts and games aren’t the focal point for this one, make the theme as adorable as you want. Play up the word and have cupcakes with sprinkles, do a rain theme, or just make it as colorful as possible.

The food doesn’t need to be heavy

You may have gone all out and had your first baby shower fully catered. For the sprinkle, it’s OK to have more finger foods, light desserts, and small plates like fruit and vegetable spreads.

Involve those siblings

Not every child may be thrilled to have another sibling, so to keep things neutral, have any other kids involved in the baby sprinkle. They can help with games or with the food. If the siblings are younger, give them small tasks like taking presents to a specific station.

Stock up on diapers and wipes and have a more relaxed time celebrating your new arrival. No matter how many children you already have, you are about to add another kiddo to the mix. While nothing will prepare you for that mentally, the best way to prepare yourself for that physically is to have a baby sprinkle. 

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