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10 cool talent show ideas for your 9-year-old

If your 9-year-old has signed up for a talent show either at school, camp, or your community center, don’t worry. There are a lot of fun talent show ideas for kids that will wow an audience. When deciding on what to do for a talent show, remember to take your child’s individual strengths into account. A talent show highlights the performer’s best attributes. It isn’t the time to learn something totally new unless it’s on the simple side. When you and your tween are thinking of cool things to do for a talent show, it’s best to keep his or her special abilities in mind. Another point to consider is how long the performance needs to be. Three to five minutes is typically the length of a talent show performance though it may be longer. Ask ahead of time to make planning an act less difficult because it will be harder to try and cut it down later. Now, on to the fun part, choosing an act for that talent show.

Girl performs in a talent show

Talent show ideas for kids


Stand-up is a rough road and audiences can be unforgiving, but not when it comes to a kids’ talent show. Comedy can be an amusing choice for an act, especially if your kiddo has the gift of gab and a knack for storytelling. Even better is an ability to drop funny one-liners.


Put all those ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop lessons to use with an upbeat, toe-tapping dance routine. Plus, you already have a closet full of recital costumes. A group dance also makes for an entertaining talent show act.


This is a great option for a talent show for theater kids who love to sing and can carry a tune. Be sure to pick a song that showcases their range.

Lip Sync

For kids who love to belt out their favorite radio tunes, put together a stylish lip-sync routine with an engaging costume. Think family karaoke night.

Gymnastics routine

Like dance, if kids love gymnastics and have been doing it for a while, grab the maps and choreograph a floor routine that exhibits their top tricks. Set the routine to music as the gymnasts do in competitions.

Dramatic reading

A somewhat different talent show idea is to take a favorite song and turn it into a dramatic reading. Actor Morgan Freeman’s video of a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber’s hit, “Love Yourself,” went viral and had adults and kids laughing.

young boy plays the piano in a talent show

Musical performance

If your 9-year-old is a whizz on the piano, violin, drums, or another musical instrument, a talent show act with his or her strongest piece is a perfect pick.

smiling boy ready to perform a magic act in a talent show


Abracadabra! Magic is always a hit at talent shows, and if your kiddo already has a fascination with magic, it will be fun putting together an amazing act. Your tween doesn’t have to saw a sibling in half to put on a clever magic act. If you need ideas for some tricks, take a look at Justin Flom’s “Everyday Magic for Kids: 30 Amazing Magic Tricks That You Can Do Anywhere.”


Who doesn’t enjoy a juggling act? It’s a talent show classic and not that hard to master especially if your child has good hand-eye coordination. Matthew Wall’s “So You Want to Learn: Juggling” offers straightforward, easy-to-follow directions on learning how to juggle. The book is geared toward ages 5 and up. Of course, a set of soft juggling balls is a must. Once your child works out the kinks and is juggling sensation, design a talent show act to highlight the top juggling stunts.


Does your kiddo do an awesome Kermit the Frog imitation? Or how about Elmo or Ariana Grande? Impressions can be an engaging talent show act that will garner laughs and applause.

Applaud your tween for even wanting to perform in a talent show. It’s not easy for a lot of kids to voluntarily get up in front of an audience. Ease with speaking and performing in public are both excellent skills to have and will be a huge asset for your tween in and out of school. Of course, you want your child to be successful on stage and not be embarrassed. So, help your tween choose a talent show act that plays toward their strengths whether it’s music, art, sports, or magic. Our top 10 list of ideas is sure to inspire a clever talent show act. If you and your tween are stumped, try out a dramatic reading of a hit song. It worked for Morgan Freeman!

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