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An expert party planner reveals the top kids’ party trends for 2023

Need birthday party inspiration for 2023? Meet Viginia Edelson Frischkorn

Kids’ parties may have been put on the back burner during the pandemic, but they’ve never gone out of style. Busy parents are always on the lookout for birthday party ideas for kids and Virginia Edelson Frischkorn has made it easier than ever with her newest endeavor Partytrick.

Frischkorn is one of the top event planners around. Even Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, and Brides have recognized her work. The single mom of two hails from Colorado and is also the founder of Bluebird Productions and Aspen Picnic Companies. With over 10 years of party planning under her belt, Frischkorn is the one to talk to when it comes to the top kids’ party trends for 2023.

Happy little girl ready for a Frozen-themed birthday party
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Kids’ party trends

As a mom of a 6 and 8-year-old, Frischkorn noticed the scope of children’s parties growing over the years. She sees hands-on themes becoming a thing.

“I see the trend for 2023 being more interactive,” Frischkorn said. “For instance, having a party for children with someone there to do face jewels or tattoos, hair tinsel or braids, extravagant scavenger hunts.”

Scavenger hunts have always been a huge hit with kids of all ages. Frischkorn recommends making scavenger hunts big like an Easter egg hunt but with a popular theme. She recently hosted a super fun event featuring a Pokemon scavenger hunt. In addition to scavenger hunts, Frischkorn feels fairies and woodland themes will be big in 2023.

Healthy birthday fruit kabobs on the party table

Party foods for kids

As a mom, Frischkorn knows simple is always best when it comes to party foods for the kiddos. Simple doesn’t have to mean not tasty. Frischkorn is a big proponent of “scrumptious” food. What is scrumptious food? Eats that look and taste fabulous. Frischkorn suggests trying these inviting foods at your child’s next birthday.

Ants on a log

This is an adorable and healthy party snack for kids. Frischkorn suggests changing up the usual recipe and making the ants on a log using celery, sun butter, and dried mangoes.

Popcorn balls

Kids love popcorn and popcorn balls are an easy snack that fits into any party theme.

Fruit skewers

Parents want healthy snacks at birthday parties, which is what makes fruit skewers so appealing. You can make them using fruits kids love like strawberries, bananas, and grapes. Frischkorn recommends dressing up those delicious fruit skewers by using a stylish stir stick with fun tassels on the tips.


Popsicles are another kid-approved party favorite. though not with parents because of the mess. But It’s a party, so it’s OK to indulge. Frischkorn does recognize that unlike birthday cake or cupcakes, popsicles can’t sit out at the party. Instead, leave them in the freezer until it’s time to sing for the guest of honor to avoid melting. Another way to avoid melting is to have a popsicle cart or truck at the party. Frischkorn has used this service at one of her events in the past.

For more top kids’ party trends, ideas, and inspiration, check out Frischkorn’s app Partytrick.

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