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7 incredible pink nursery ideas for every style

Even though there are plenty of options when it comes to modern and trendy nursery decor, if you’re expecting a little girl, you really can’t go wrong with a class pink baby nursery. With so many different hues of pink to choose from, whether it be light pastels or a bold magenta color, pink definitely makes a statement. We’ve curated some of the cutest styles and ideas for a pink nursery. Whether you’re contemplating the whimsical, the classic, or something more modern, you’re bound to find the ideal, pink-themed decor for your baby’s nursery.

basket holding pink and gray blankets
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Boho blush

The Bohemian style carries over to the nursery when you add floral print wallpaper with hints of pink. A rose-colored canopy also adds to the eclectic nature that’s characteristic of this motif. Also, in place of drawers, a set of decorative baskets would provide handy storage and a rustic touch. Another positive aspect about a Boho-themed nursery is that it can easily transition into a child’s playroom/bedroom.

Mini-minimalist pink nursery

Simplicity can go a long way when creating a minimalist pink nursery. In fact, minimalist cribs, changing tables, and other furniture are so easy to find and would match well with delicate pink walls and a simple rug. For additional cuteness, you can also include some black-and-white photographs or sketches of baby animals.

Classic rose

What if you could find the most beautiful crib that has railing that resembles the antiques of past eras? And can you imagine classical artwork in oval frames adorning the walls? With a soft rose hue, you’ll easily capture the look of a vintage-inspired, classic pink nursery. All you’ll need to add are some cute Mother Goose or fairytale figurines on floating shelves. And don’t forget a Velveteen Rabbit in a child-size rocking chair.

Modern magenta and hot pink

Another great idea that’s a refreshing, modern take on the pink nursery is an ultra-bright pairing of colors. For instance, you can create an accent wall of hot pink behind white or pastel pink, built-in shelves. Or you can combine teal or aqua with magenta for a super unique room that’s inspired by abstract art.

Plus, your baby will love the visual stimuli. Better yet, with this color combo, you can adapt the look to suit an older child with bold bedding, framed artwork, and a playful area rug.

pink fairy ballerina print
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Ballet slipper inspiration

This early in the game, it might be a stretch to assume your little girl would love ballet, but who can resist a pink baby nursery that’s inspired by Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty?

You can achieve this motif by finding curtains and bedding with prints that consist of dancers, teddy bears in tutus, or ballet slippers. By adding tulle trim around the edges of throw cushions on a rocking chair, and around the bumpers and the hem of the dust ruffle, you’ll complete the ballet theme that’s a class act.

The pink princess castle

You can also create a pink princess nursery that’s fit for royalty. The focus of the room can be a crib that’s white or beige with metallic trim. When you place a dust ruffle at the bottom and pink bows on the outside, the baby’s bed takes on a whole new look that resembles storybook illustrations. For additional castle-like decor, you can also install a small, crystal chandelier light fixture on the ceiling. An accent wall with pink wallpaper with metallic fleur-de-lis or swirls completes the regal motif.

Fun-filled combos

Likewise, pink comes in many shades, which makes it such a versatile color to mix and match with other hues. For example, pastel pink combines beautifully with mint green. You can also add some paisley print curtains or crib bumpers to tie the pink-and-green combo together.

Other fun colors that pair well with pink include:

  • Brown for a “sprinkled cupcake” look
  • Black for a whimsical yet sophisticated look that lasts for years
  • Navy blue for a unique accent wall that offsets the pastel pink
  • Gray (with a hint of silvery-blue) for a tone that offsets any metallic accents

Playing with different paint swatches to find the best combination is half the fun of creating a pink nursery. As you can see, the rosy tone goes with just about any other color.

Overall, pink is a fun color to utilize when planning a nursery. With so many shades to choose from, you can come up with some adorable and functional ideas for a pink nursery. So, whether you select pink as the main color or just for an accent wall or for the trim and furnishings, the result will be a peaceful abode where your baby can play, nap, and dream.

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