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Small nurseries: How to make the most of the space you have

Your baby is on the way. It’s time to set up the nursery. But as you look around, you realize you don’t have much space. Harder still if you are decorating a nursery on a budget. Suddenly the nesting urge hits. Cribs and rocking chairs and changing tables, oh my! But where will you put all the items for your little one? How should you maximize your small nursery space?

Once you bring your little one home from the hospital, you want everything just perfect for them. If you are looking for baby nursery ideas for small rooms, you are in the right place—there are incredible space-saving solutions to keep you organized. Here are some small nursery layout ideas you’ll love.

Tuck away the crib in the closet

Shocking but true—your nursery doesn’t need to be an actual room. A closet can become a budget-friendly nursery with a crib. The Emily Mini Crib from Ashley Furniture is the perfect space-saving alternative to a full-size crib. The best part is, as your child grows, it converts to a twin-sized bed. Just take off the doors to your closet, and voila—a cozy nook for your baby. 

Under the crib storage

Babies come with a million little things, not to mention baby clothes in every size. Place extra items in plastic bins and roll them right under the crib. The Delta Children Under Crib Roll-Out Storage from Target helps you maximize your nursery storage space. Use it to store things like toys, extra bedding, pillows, or baby clothing. 

Ditch the Changing Table

Instead, add a dresser top changing station. This two-in-one solution stores clothes and creates a space for changing diapers. This Serta Foam Contoured Changing Pad with Waterproof Cover is comfortable for your baby, hypoallergenic, and has a strap for safety. 

Maximize closet storage

Utilize every inch of space to provide storage for baby clothes, burp cloths, bibs, socks, diapers, toiletries, and other nursery accessories with the Delta Children 24-Piece Nursery Storage Set. This set has a place for everything, so it keeps the nursery clean. 

Floating nursery shelves

Not a lot of storage space? No problem. All you need are a few shelves and some attractive baskets, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift storage option. It’s perfect for displaying just about anything in your nursery.  

Over the door storage  

Get stylish storage for your nursery. It turns unused space into instant storage. Organize baby clothing, shoes, accessories, receiving blankets, toys, books, stuffed animals, diapers, baby wipes, creams, ointments, baby lotions, and more. This Houseware Over Door/Wall Mount 6 Clear Window Pocket Organizer hangs on a standard door or closet rod; no hardware needed.

Baby nursery checklist

There’s so much to do. Where does an expecting mama start? Whether you choose a classic feel or a trendy theme for the nursery, with a little planning, you can create a safe, welcoming space for your family’s new addition! Here are some tips for getting the nursery ready for the baby. 

Choose a paint color for the baby’s room

Start with an inspiration piece like a quilt or toy. Will you want bright colors or soft muted colors in the room? Do you want lamp decor or unicorn-themed decor? Once you know the theme for your nursery, you can paint the walls to match using non-toxic paint.

Select window coverings

Babies nap better during the day in a darkened room. Blackout curtains or blinds darken the room for naptime. If you install blinds or shades, select the cordless kind to minimize the risk of choking.

Shop for baby furniture

You’ll need a crib and dresser. If you have extra space, it’s wonderful to have a rocking chair or comfy chair to feed and snuggle with the baby.

Find baby bedding

You’ll need crib sheets and blankets. Choosing organic or chemical-free fabrics can protect your baby if they have sensitive skin or are prone to rashes. Organic cotton is a good choice that will keep your baby cool. The Pediatric Society of America recommends “Bare is Best,” meaning no bumpers, no blankets, and no stuffed animals in the crib. This reduces the risk of SIDS-related deaths.

Clever nursery ideas to fit your small space

Good things do come in small packages. Even if you have a small nursery, it can be big on style and function. These tips should give you everything you need to create a relaxing, cozy haven for your little one. 

Kristie Purner
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Crib and bedding
One of the most important aspects of the nursery is where your baby is going to sleep. The goal is to make it tranquil enough that they will fall asleep and stay asleep. Their bedding can reflect a serene underwater theme. For example, these crib sheets featuring adorable whales just add to the overall atmosphere of the nursery. A soft ocean-themed blanket for cuddle time right before bed adds a touch of nautical to this underwater haven that you're building. You can even place the blanket over your glider as a decoration when you aren't using it.
Changing table
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