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6 incredible fox nursery decor finds under $20 you can get today

Who doesn’t love an adorable fox-themed nursery? Those pointed little noses and sly red cheeks are sure to delight every time. And there are so many different illustrated interpretations of foxes, all of which can help make a room feel more whimsical, whether you’re going with an all-out animal theme for your nursery or something a little more low-key, like a woodland theme. This is a great way to go if you aren’t quite sure how to decorate your nursery and want something gender-neutral, whether you know if you’re having a boy or a girl or not.

Another great thing about fox decor is that it can grow with your child as they move into the toddler, preschool, and big kid phases, so you won’t have to redo their room every couple of years.

Whatever the reason you’re on the hunt for some new fox nursery decor, we have you covered — and on a budget. We’ve scoured the internet for six incredible fox nursery decor finds that you can get for under $20. 

Fox nursery wall art

Every nursery needs some fun wall art. Deck your walls with some lively foxes. This set of graphic prints from Wayfair features six illustrated foxes in different poses and with different mantras such as “be creative” and “be kind.” The vibrant orange foxes are set on a gray and white woodland background, for a cheerful vibe that’ll look lovely in any animal- or woodsy-themed nursery. 

Fox-themed nursery bedding

Nursery bedding doesn’t need to be expensive, especially when you consider that you don’t actually need a full set of bedding for your child’s crib. As blankets and pillows can be serious choking hazards for most of your child’s infancy, you want to go with a fitted sheet only on your crib for at least the first several months of their life. 

We like this fox-themed nursery bedding that includes a multi-colored fitted sheet sporting not only bright orange foxes, but also curious raccoons, hedgehogs, rabbits and owls.

fox laundry hamper

Fox-themed storage

You can even add some friendly foxes to your child’s toy and clothing storage solutions. These cubicle fabric bins are great for storing blankets, clothes, extra diapers at the changing table — a whole range of items that you need to keep on hand in your nursery. The fabric print is simple but fun, with cartoonish foxes and orange pine trees. 

A fox-themed changing pad cover

If you don’t like the thought of lying your baby on an uncomfortable, plastic-y changing pad, you might want to invest in a fox-themed changing pad cover. This option from Target is all orange, with a foxy face right near where you might lie baby’s head when giving them a quick change. A pair of triangular fox ears top off the pad cover, for an extra-cute accent. 

A fox-themed throw pillow

Of course, every nursery needs a few good throw pillows to make late-night feedings and changing all the more comfortable. This fox-themed throw pillow features a fuzzy, sleeping fox, with two triangular ears topping the square pillow. Place it on your feeding chair for a fun (and comfy!) pop of color. 

Fox-themed nursery curtains

Want some fun fox decor that blends in a bit? These white and orange nursery curtains look like just an ordinary geometric print from far away, but step a little closer, and your guests will see the adorable fox faces peering out at them. The floor-length curtains are 100% cotton and come in single panels.

Get foxy with your nursery, on a budget

Finding adorable items to deck our your nursery doesn’t need to be difficult. You can find affordable decor pieces in your theme with just a little retail detective work — and when it comes to foxes, we’ve done all the detective work for you. Whether you still need bedding, curtains, or some fun wall art, we’ve got you covered. With these simple ideas, you’ll create a fox-themed nursery that’ll be a welcome place for your little one to lay their head each night. 

Not yet sold on the fox theme for your nursery? Check out our guide to creating nurseries in a nautical theme, whether you go with a whimsical sea creature vibe or something more naval-inspired.

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