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Bath toys for toddlers: Which ones are worth your money?

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You’ve taken the time to pick a safe bathtub for your baby or toddler. Now it’s time for some fun. Bath time is so much more enjoyable when you toss a few toys in, but which ones are really worth the price? We did a deep dive into the tub toy niche and came back with some first-rate finds. Check them out:

Nuby Octopus Bath Toss Toy

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This challenging toy helps kiddos develop hand-eye coordination while providing plenty of bath time fun. Nuby Octopus Bath Toss comes with one floating purple octopus and three colorful rings to toss over his tentacles. Ideal for ages 18 months and up and BPA-free.  Buy it for $11.00 here.

Plan Toys Submarine

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Plan Toys make sustainable wooden toys using only safe, earth-friendly materials. From their pirate ship to speed boat, sail boat assortment, and sea life bath set, this company brings you quality bath toys that are easy on the environment. The Plan Toys submarine is ideal for ages 12 months and up, floats well, and is an affordable $15.00. Check it out in a video here. Buy it for $15.00 here.

BabyBibi Floating Baby Books

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Let little learners practice their letters, shapes, and colors anytime — even in the bathtub — with this fun floating book series! BabyBibi Floating Baby Books are available in sets grouped by theme, such as color recognition, ABC animals, numbers and shapes, letters and colors, etc. Buy our favorite set of 4: Fruits, Oceans Friends, ABCs and Numbers for $16.00 here.

Crayola Bathtub Crayons

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Make bath time their favorite time of day when you bring out the Crayola Bathtub Crayons. Let them use nine brilliant non-toxic colors (like Leprechaun Green, Firefly Red, Copper Penny Orange, Cotton Candy, and Sky Blue)–plus a surprise extra color– to decorate your tub and shower to their heart’s content — and don’t worry a bit, because it all washes off easily when they’re done. Best for kiddos around 3 years old. Get it for only $4.00 here.

HOCHE Crab Musical Bubble Maker 

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Mount their crab friend firmly to the bath or shower wall (the attached back suckers will hold it in place) and add water and baby-safe bath gel as instructed. Then let the fun begin when you choose between the HOCHE Crab Musical Bubble Maker‘s three modes: 1. music and bubbles (Crab plays 12 children’s songs while making bubbles), 2. bubbles only, or 3. off– check out this video to see how it works. Buy it for $14.00 here.

Angry Birds Water Squirters

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Some classics never get old. These little Angry Birds water squirters are fun whether you’ve got one kid in the bath or a trio. Let them fill these angry critters (Red, Pig, and Terence) up and squirt them any which way as long as they’re kept in their proper place — the bath tub. They’re the perfect size for little hands to squeeze, and made of durable rubber. Get the 3-pack for $14.00 here.

Boon Building Bath Pipes

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These pipes each mount to the bath or shower wall, allowing creative little minds to pour, scoop, douse, and drip water through, into, and onto them as much as they like. Five different shapes offer five different ways to play with and observe the water moving. Use them one at a time or place them together. Boon Building Bath Pipes are best for ages 12 months and up. Buy them for $15.00 here.

Baby Loovi Foam Bath Toys – Preschool Alphabet Set

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Toddlers will love how these letters, numbers, and shapes float and stick to the bath tub walls as they create scenes and familiarize with their ABCs and numbers. The non-toxic Baby Loovi Foam Bath Toys – Preschool Alphabet Set comes in a set of 27 pieces zipped into a handy organizer for  space-saving, neat storage.  Get it here for only $26.00.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water Flutes

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Fill each of the five flutes included with this ALEX Rub a Dub Water Flutes set to the designated marks to make different sounds. Then let your little musicians play and learn the notes while in the bath tub; as they get better, they can even learn some of the simple songs included. These are ideal for ages 3 and up. Get your five flutes here for only $13.00.

Fajiabao Toddler Bath Fishing Game 

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Let your littles set up their fishing poles and reel in the bath time fun with a Fajiabao Toddler Bath Fishing GameAnother great way to develop their hand-eye coordination, this set comes with one fishing pole and three colorful fish. Just let the fish “swim” around in the bath until one gets “hooked”; kids can catch the fish with their hands or on the fishing pole. Set is ideal for ages 18 months old and up. Get your fishing set here for $15.00.

HABA Bubble Bath Whisk

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Let your little bathers froth up their bubbles for a super thick bubble bath with the HABA Bubble Bath Whisk. Just prepare the bath, pour in the usual amount of bubble bath, and let your little one go to town with their bath whisk — you’ll have heaps of foamy bubbles in no time! Perfect for ages 3 and up. Works great in the bath tub, whirlpool, and outdoor kiddie pool as well. Get your bath whisk for $8.00 here.

Sago Mini Easy Clean Bath Squirters and Floaties

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Ready for a bath tub pool party? This crew each comes with their own fun floaties that your kiddo can match them with for bath time play. Then fill them up and squirt all the water out for even more bath time pool party fun! The Sago Mini Easy Clean Bath Squirters and Floaties  have removable tops for easy cleaning and drying. Ideal for ages 1 year and up, these mini-friends comes as a gift set with 8 pieces, each small enough for little hands to manipulate easily. Buy your set here for $24.00.

Those should start you off for a good head start on your bath toy shopping, with something for pretty much every type of toddler to enjoy. Which ones do you think you’ll try? Let us know what you liked best and if we missed any of your little ones’ favorites. We look forward to hearing about all your bath time adventures!

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