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BethAnn Mayer

BethAnn Mayer


Beth Ann's work has appeared on and In her spare time, you can find her running (either marathons or after her sons, Peter and Noah, and three furbabies).

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Baby eating solids in a highchair

Your questions answered – everything you need to know about baby-led weaning

What is baby-led weaning, and is it the right option for you and your little one? Here's what to know about this method of solid introduction.
Onament Christmas tree

Christmas charities where families can volunteer together

Get involved this holiday season and volunteer with the whole family with one of these Christmas charities.
An ultrasound on a screen

What to expect at every ultrasound and how many you may have

You'll have a few ultrasounds during pregnancy. Here's what to expect at the 8-week ultrasound and every one after, plus why you may need more.
Toddler boy crying

Is your toddler hitting others? What you can do to stop this bad behavior

We'll go over why your toddler is hitting other kids, how to get them to stop, and what parents need to remember during this stage in your child's life.
Pregnant woman feeling her baby kick

What the location of your baby’s kick means and how it changes with each trimester

Is your baby kicking your bladder or turning flips? Here's when you should worry — and when you should relax.
Newborn smiling while asleep

When do babies smile and laugh? Social cue timelines, explained

When do babies smile? When do babies laugh? Here's what to know about a child's early social development, including when to ask for help.
A dad holding a child who is crying

3-year-olds: Why threenagers are a breed

There are reasons why your 3-year-old has turned into a sassy three-nager. Here’s what’s going on and what you can do about it.
Children playing in a bedroom.

Floor beds are trending. Is the hallmark Montessori sleep space for your little one?

Montessori is trending and so are floor beds. These sleep spaces aren't new, though. Should you get one for your child? Read on.
Produce, sugar, and diabetes monitoring equipment on a blue overlay

You failed your 1-hour glucose test – now what?

You failed your 1-hour pregnancy glucose test, and you're upset. Breathe. Here's what will likely happen next based on your blood sugar levels.
Woman in yellow dress holding 3D sonogram pregnancy announcement.

3D ultrasounds are trending: Should you get one?

Should you get a keepsake 3D sonogram? What if one is medically indicated? Here's what to know about these types of scans.
A mother combing her son's hair

Everything you wish you didn’t need to know about head lice (but do)

Head lice happens to the best of kids. What does head lice look like and can you prevent it? Here are all your common questions about head lice answered.
A woman undergoing an ultrasound

Going through the IVF process? Here’s what to expect

The IVF process can feel overwhelming. Here's what you can expect, including the IVF success rate and whether you'll experience physical pain.
A toddler holding a new baby on a white bench

How to help your toddler adjust to a new baby

Do you have a toddler with another little one on the way? Here's how to help your toddler adjust to a new baby before and after their sibling arrives.
A toddler on a log with a parent.

Teaching your toddler boundaries without hurting your bond

Toddler behavior varies. How should you teach a toddler boundaries in spite of that? With love and empathy. Here's how.
Two parents playing with blocks with a child.

Tips on how to get your toddler to follow directions willingly (seriously)

Making a toddler follow directions is a challenging task. This guide will help you overcome common toddler behavior issues.
Mother and children by water.

What is attachment parenting? Read this guide for a better understanding of this concept

What is attachment parenting? It is all about keeping your baby close. The cuddles may seem nice. Is the parenting style for you? Read on to find out.
Child working on art in Montessori school

What is Montessori? What to know about this trending educational method

Montessori is all the rage right now, but it's been around for more than 100 years. What is Montessori? Learn more about it and how to apply it to your home.
Two teens embracing

How to support an LGBTQIA+ teen if they’re having bullying issues in school

Bullying in school is too common, especially for LGBTQIA+ teens. Here’s how to be your child’s biggest ally if it's happening to them.
Small child sitting on the edge of a bed

Does your toddler have a speech delay? Here’s what to do

Speech delays in toddlers can be stressful for everyone. Here's what to do if you're concerned your child isn't meeting speech milestones.
Woman breastfeeding older infant outside

Myths about breastfeeding – debunked

Misinformation about breastfeeding can cause parents to stop before they would like. Let's clear up some big-time misnomers.
A parent bottle feeding a little baby.

5 easy ways to solve bottle refusal from a breastfed baby

Bottle refusal in breastfeeding babies is a stressful experience for everyone, but it's possible to work through it. These tips can help.
A doctor with a baby in a hospital bassinet

10 vital questions to ask baby’s first pediatrician before your child is born

Your child's first pediatrician will be an essential part of their care team. Asking a few questions can help you make the right pick.
Woman breastfeeding on a sectional

Everything you need to know about lactation consultants (but were afraid to ask)

A lactation consultant can be a vital part of your postpartum village if you hope to breast/chestfeed. Learn why and how to find a lactation consultant.
A child holding up a whiteboard that says, "Hello, my pronouns are"

Expert advice: Gender identity terms, explained in a way a grade-schooler can understand

Gender identity definitions can be confusing for kids. Experts offer their best advice for discussing gender with your child.
a couple on a beach celebrating gender reveal of a girl

Does the Shettles method of conception work? Here’s what science has to say

Here's what science has to say about the effectiveness of the Shettles method.
woman putting data into a menstrual cycle app

4 apps that make tracking your menstrual cycle easy

These four apps make it a cinch to figure out exactly how to track your menstrual cycle.
a person holding a sleeping baby's hand

Co-sleeping? Keep these safety tips in mind

This is what you should know if you plan to co-sleep with your baby.
baby in carseat with pacifier and lovey

Is your toddler ready for a car seat upgrade? Check this deal out

So your toddler is ready for a big kid seat. This fantastic option will grow with your child from 2 to 10.
dad and child in stroller on a sunny day

Parents love this double stroller, and it’s on sale at Walmart

Carting around one baby (and all their assorted stuff) is difficult enough, but two? This double stroller makes it easy.
happy baby smiling with hands clasped

A fantastic baby playmat is so important, and this one is 25% off

Babies love playmats, and parents love how good they are for a child's development. This one is great — and it's on sale.
the top portion of The MODERNISM Diaper Bag Backpack diaper bag

This supercute diaper bag is the perfect gift for new parents

Need the perfect gift for a new mom or dad? This diaper bag is stylish and functional.
baby sleeping in their at night

This baby monitor does everything (and it’s under $100 right now)

This baby monitor doesn't just keep an eye on your child — it keeps track of temperature and feedings, and even plays lullabies. Check this deal out.
A star-shaped night-light

Parents say these 10 night-lights under $10 help their kids fall asleep

If your child can't sleep without a light on, a night-light helps them go to dreamland. Choose from our list of 10 affordable models.

Buying toddler-safe fish — where to start and what to know

Fish sticks are just one way you can give your toddler fish, but when is it safe? We discuss the health benefits and when to serve it.
travel bag supplies

You can load a travel bag for your kid for under $100

Preparing to travel? Here's how to put together the best travel bag for your child
Baby drinking from a bottle.

This bottle sanitizer is a must-have for our current climate

You can't be too careful with what goes in your baby's mouth, and a bottle is no exception. Make sure it's clean with this sanitizer.