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This bottle sanitizer is a must-have for our current climate

New caregivers are often concerned with keeping their babies away from germs that could get them sick. Some wait until they have received their 2-month shots before letting anyone hold their baby. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve become even more concerned with keeping our babies safe and what goes into their mouths clean.

This is why you’ll want to put a bottle sanitizer on your registry, and the Baby Brezza One-Step Sterilizer and Dryer is the one to request.

baby bottle sanitizer
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The Baby Brezza Sterilizer kills germs effectively

The biggest concern parents have when washing bottles is getting rid of germs and bacteria. The CDC recommends discarding breast milk after it has been at room temperature for more than four hours, and infant formula has a two-hour window. Even if baby has polished off a bottle, little bits may remain on the sides, allowing bacteria to form. Plus, if the person feeding the baby had germs on their hands, you’ll want those removed from the outside of the bottle. Little ones may touch the bottle, then put their hands on their faces or mouths.

If breastfeeding, you can also use it to sterilize breast-pump parts and get milk out of hard-to-reach areas like the inside of flanges. Bacteria can build up in pump parts, not only putting your baby at risk for illness, but it could cause mastitis, a painful breast infection, in moms.

The Baby Brezza Sterilizer nixes bacteria and germs quickly using natural steam that promises to get rid of 99.9% of germs in nine minutes. The bottles and accessories will remain sterilized for 24 hours.

It’s versatile

Tiny humans take up a ton of time, and being a new caregiver is hard. Babies need to be fed every two to three hours. Diaper changes follow. They also need snuggles, entertainment, baths, and help getting to sleep (and sometimes, back to sleep).

Soaking, scrubbing, and drying bottles six to 10 times per day (because yes, that’s how often babies typically eat) is a major time suck. If a caregiver allows the bottles to air dry on a bottle rack, they need to wash that, as mold can form on wet surfaces. That rack also takes up what might be precious counter space. Bottle brushes need cleaning, too.

The Baby Brezza Sterilizer squashes the need for any of that. It not only washes and sterilizes the bottles, but it also dries them. Once the buzzer dings, caregivers have bottles so shiny they might as well be new, free of germs, and ready to refill for baby’s next feeding.

It’s easy

Having a product that washes, sterilizes, and dries a baby’s bottles is a win — spending several minutes trying to get it to work? Not so much.

The Baby Brezza Sterilizer starts with a couple of presses of a button. Turn it on, select whether you want it to wash, sterilize, and dry in 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and go back to caring for your infant (or sleeping when the baby sleeps).

Caregivers can also opt to sterilize, dry, or sterilize and dry only using an easy-to-decipher control panel.

After the Baby Brezza Sterilizer finishes its job, it will automatically switch off and save power.

Assembly is also easy. There are three pieces: The cover, control panel, and a rack that easily fits inside.

One drawback of the Baby Brezza Sterilizer

Though the Baby Brezza Sterilizer can be a major time-saver, there is a con: It’s a tad small. It says it can wash parts for up to six bottles, but if your baby feeds more often or you need to fit pump parts in there, you may need to run it more than once per day.

Again, the good news is that it’s easy to use and efficient. Press a couple of buttons and walk away.

Other Baby Brezza products to consider

To complete your Baby Brezza suite, consider getting the Safe & Smart Bottle Warmer (under $75) and One Step Formula Mixer Pitcher (under $20).

The warmer gives you different options for heating breast milk, formula, or baby food, ensuring baby’s food will be at the perfect temperature. It’s slim, making it a space-saver. And parents don’t even have to leave their couches to heat a bottle. They can use a free app to control the device and get alerts when baby’s meal is ready to go.

The pitcher allows parents to prepare infant formula as a batch, rather than one bottle at a time, and save it in the fridge all day. Breastfeeding moms who pump can also use it to feed breastmilk.

Altogether, these items will ensure your baby is getting fed safe and healthy food in an efficient way that makes life easier for time-strapped caregivers.

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