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You can load a travel bag for your kid for under $100

Parents, remember the days when you could leave the house with nothing but a wallet, phone, and keys? Yeah, we don’t either.

Little people need a lot of things, even when you’re just taking a quick day trip. But you don’t need a ton of money or space to have all their necessities. You also don’t need to make a list because we rounded up the best travel bag supplies for your next adventure. Major bonus: They cost under $100 combined.

travel bag supplies
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Mokaloo Large Baby Bag

We’ve rated this as the best bag you can buy. This

spacious backpack

 allows you to pack all the things and keep your hands free. It is waterproof and can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at you. It includes, and there are compartments for an umbrella, a change of diapers or underwear, and even a USB charging port in case you’ve snapped so many photos your phone battery is low. The insulated pockets are perfect for packing bottles or drinks, and the gray color makes it ideal for either mom or dad to tote around.

Gamenote Erasable Doodle Book

Banish the endless stream of “Are we there yet?” questions with this traveling activity set, which we believe is the best entertainment when it comes to riding in the car. The

12-page book

includes three pages for coloring, two for tracing, and seven for your child to let their imaginations run wild and free draw. Color pens are included, and if your kid colors outside the lines (and on their clothes), just wipe it off with the included cloth and a little water. It’s known for being lightweight and durable, so it won’t weigh you down, and your child can tote it around on more than one trip. This kit is best for kids ages 3 to 8.

Munchkin Snack Catcher

These containers will hold the Cheerios and trail mix your little one needs to satisfy their mid-trip munchies. These

spill-proof snack holders

can fit into the cup holders of car seats and strollers so your kid can eat independently, plus they are compact enough to fit in the bag. Some parents say they spill if shaken too hard, but you won’t get goldfish crumbs in your backpack if you’re walking or driving.

toddler drinking sippy straw

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup

Many pediatricians suggest

straw cups

over sippy cups to help with oral and speech development, and this one from Munchkin fits that bill and is ideal for travel. The click-lock lid makes it easy for parents to prevent spills, and the handles are easy for your little one to grab. The cup easily goes in a bag and won’t take up too much room in a cupboard when you return home.

Thrive First Aid Kit

Be ready for boo-boos and oopsies with this

66-piece first aid kit

. The kit packs must-have medical-grade supplies like bandages, Q-tips, and antiseptic wipes into a compact case that’s ideal for travel. The pockets make it a cinch to stay organized so you can quickly grab whatever your kiddo needs in the event a kiss doesn’t make it better.

Goothdurs Mini Travel Compact Windproof Umbrella

If the rain can’t go away and wait another day, spring for this

travel-friendly umbrella.

It’s compact and fits in a day bag, but it opens to form a 37-inch canopy that’ll keep both you and your child dry during an afternoon shower. It’s available in 13 colors — consider letting your little one choose their favorite so they may actually look forward to a rainy day.

Durio Baby Sun Hat

Keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes and protect their noggin, particularly if your trip involves fishing or sitting on a beach, with this

bucket hat

. The adjustable string ensures it stays on, and the wide brim shields their eyes. It travels well — it’s lightweight and easy to fold.

Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection

The last thing you want after returning from a fun trip is a cranky kid with a sunburn that lasts a week. This

broad-spectrum sunscreen

, with SPF 50 to protect your child from the sun’s rays, is a favorite of pediatricians for kids 6 months and over. It’s ready for anything — sweat and water-resistant for 80 minutes — and its tear-free formula isn’t greasy.

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When deciding which baby diaper pail you’d like, there are a few details to look into. You will want to consider the following:
Do you prefer plastic to stainless steel?
Plastic can absorb odor even with liners, so if that’s a concern for you, you may want to go with a stainless steel can.
The size of the diaper pail
If you have an older baby or toddler, or more than one baby, you may want a larger diaper pail. Diaper pails can hold as few as 30 diapers at one time and can go up into the hundreds. Even though baby diaper pails prevent odor, you shouldn’t let too many sit in the pail for an extended period. 
Trap door
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Generally speaking, experts recommend keeping a room dark. But every baby is different. If your child has a fear of the dark, a night-light can help calm them and allow them to get those must-needed ZZZs.
It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Parents swear that these 10 night-lights under $10 help their kids fall asleep.

AUVON Plug-in LED Nightlight
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Okay, you have made the decision to go ahead and give your child the freedom of a cell phone. Did you make the right decision? Probably. Here are some good reasons to give your teen a phone.
They can get ahold of you
If your teen is starting to go out on their own, a cell phone is a smart purchase. They can get ahold of you (even though they probably won’t text you back), and you can track them to see if they really are at the mall with their friend.
Social media can be a good thing
Yes, social media can be evil, but it can also be so much fun if used properly. There are times when social media boosts self-esteem - you simply need to figure out how to utilize this tool for personal empowerment and growth. There are so many cool apps that can actually teach your kids things. TikTok is basically teaching everyone all over the world things we should know to keep ourselves alive and creative.

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