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St. Patrick’s Day dessert ideas to integrate the Irish holiday into the family’s after-dinner treat time

Try these St. Patrick's Day desserts this March 17

Even the desserts go green on St. Patrick’s Day, but if you’re looking to introduce the kiddos to Irish culture with more than the “wearin’ of the green,” think food instead. Food is a simple and tasty way to expose kids to different cultures. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Most schools have some type of green snack to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Skip the green bagels and jello this year and try traditional St. Patrick’s Day desserts instead. St. Paddy’s Day dessert ideas are plentiful and delicious. Baking is also a fun activity to include the kids in. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, try one of these tasty and simple Irish desserts.

A plate of Irish bark in honor of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day desserts

There are certainly enough St. Patrick’s Day-inspired desserts in the bakery or supermarket, and let’s not forget the green doughnuts. If you want an easy St. Patrick’s Day dessert, go for cupcakes. Baking cupcakes with some green icing and sprinkles is a quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day treat; as is a plate of leprechaun bark. For something different, there are quite a few yummy St. Patrick’s Day dessert ideas to whip up and enjoy on March 17.

Apple crumble

Just like many Irish dishes, most families have their own special twist on a traditional apple crumble. This dessert is a popular and delicious one in Ireland. An apple crumble is relatively easy to make and is typically ready to serve in less than an hour. Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking shares her mum’s traditional Irish apple crumble recipe on her blog.

Irish apple cake

Another traditional Irish dessert earmarked for St. Patrick’s Day is apple cake. The holiday dessert takes a bit more time than an apple crumb, but it’s worth the effort. Delish has a mouthwatering Irish apple cake recipe to cap off a St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

Irish bread pudding

Pudding has a different meaning in Ireland than it does in America. A pudding isn’t a type of dessert. It means dessert and an Irish bread pudding is a classic. Irish Central offers a traditional bread pudding recipe that doesn’t take all day to make. This Irish bread pudding takes about 90 minutes, including prep and baking time, to make.

Sticky toffee pudding

This dessert is an Irish and an English favorite. Be sure to whip up the sauce because it makes the dessert. Most sticky toffee pudding recipes do call for a splash of Irish whiskey or beer, but it’s not a must. The Irish Cook has a yummy recipe that yields enough pudding for a festive end to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner with leftovers to enjoy on March 18.

Chocolate clover cupcakes

While not a traditional Irish dessert, these chocolate clover cupcakes are easy and fun to make, especially with kids. They’re a great topper for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner or for the kids to bring to school for a special snack.

Irish scones

You may think scones are English, but the Irish are known for their scones, too. Irish scones are not quite the same as their English cousin. Scones traditionally made in Ireland have less sugar and are flatter. Serve with jam, butter, or cream. Irish scones make for a perfect St. Patrick’s Day after-school snack or a breakfast treat to start the day. Simply Recipes has an easy Irish scone recipe that’s warm from the oven in 30 minutes.

Making a traditional Irish dessert on St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate and explore a different culture through food. With these St. Patrick’s Day dessert ideas, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for March 17.

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