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Every diaper bag needs these 7 things

Living life on the go remains a constant especially once children come into the picture. At that point, your day might include trips to the park, doctor’s appointments, day care, and much more. Because of this fast pace, you’ll need all of the changing-table essentials.

Thus, the most important things to include in your diaper bag are:

  • Diapers and other changing items
  • Extra clothes
  • Sealable plastic bags or used plastic shopping bags
  • Small toys
  • Feeding-related items and extra burp cloths

Luckily, we have the 411 on seven of the most useful items to pack in your diaper bag.

Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies Wipes

Quality diapers, like the Pampers Swaddlers, make a huge difference between staying at the zoo a bit longer or having to go home after the first exhibit. Although these diapers protect against leaks, you still should pack four to six depending on how long you’re planning on being out.

Also, you can’t forget the wipes that are not only vital to the diaper-changing routine but also excellent for cleaning sticky faces and hands. Thanks to the gentle formula for sensitive skin, these Huggies Natural Care unscented wipes offer a safe solution for handling everyday messes without causing irritation. Another advantage to keeping these wipes on hand is that they’re absorbent enough to handle spills that might occur in the car en route to your destination.

The Tommee Tippee Powder Formula Dispensers

For most babies, their appetite often proves to be unpredictable. So, having extra formula, breast milk, or snacks on hand is quite necessary. Formula dispensers take the guesswork out of measuring and mixing when you and your baby are on the move. Furthermore, these containers from Tommee Tippee close tightly and securely to prevent any solids and liquids from spilling into the diaper bag. Plus, the size makes these containers easy to carry without taking up a lot of space in your bag.

Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloths

More than likely, your baby will get hungry during your outing, so you’ll also need something to protect him or her dribbling while taking a bottle or breastfeeding. These washcloths made from thick bamboo material can double up as bibs and burp cloths. Plus, you’ll have another handy item for cleanups in case you run out of wipes.

The Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest and Freddie the Firefly

And let’s not forget the toys and comfort items that soothe and engage your baby’s attention, especially if you’re having to wait in a long line at the grocery store or driving for a longer period than normal.

This wonderful baby book with its catchy rhymes, for example, offers your baby some multisensory entertainment featuring cute illustrations, bright colors, and a variety of textures.

Speaking of textures, Freddie the Firefly also offers similar, multisensory playtime. This adorable little toy can be clipped to the handle of the carrier or stroller. Your baby is sure to be happy with Freddie’s teether, clacking rings, crinkles, and mirror.

The PreparaKit First-Aid Kit

In addition to the changing-table essentials, you should consider taking a small first-aid kit with you, such as the one from PreparaKit.

This kit, which was designed by a nurse who is also a mom, fits perfectly inside your diaper bag or even your glove compartment. The best part is that it comes equipped with everything you need from bandages to thermometer strips, to the important instruments needed to apply first-aid.

Munchkin Designer Diaper-Change Kit

Another necessity in the list of changing-table essentials is the changing pad, and this Munchkin Designer Diaper-Change Kit fits perfectly in a diaper bag or can be carried on its own. The front zipper pocket has enough room for keys, phone, and other necessary items, while the inner pockets can hold four diapers, cream, wipes, and other small items.

Safeguard Liquid Hand Sanitizer and Cleanitize Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes

Other changing-table essentials include hand sanitizer and a travel-size container of disinfecting wipes. When it comes to cleaning the changing table in a public restroom, you can never be too careful. You can use a Cleanitize Disinfecting Wipe to give the changing table a quick once-over, then apply the Safeguard hand sanitizer before handling the diapering essentials and your baby.

All in all, packing a diaper bag doesn’t involve carrying a gargantuan tote that’s equipped with the entire nursery. Basically, you’re only including only the changing-table essentials. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Buy travel-size versions of the diapering essentials just to keep in the bag
  • Always have a couple of changes of clothing in the bag
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions with an extra blanket or two

Now you’re ready for your next outing with your baby.

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