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Good, better, best: Easter baskets you can reuse year after year

Your child will be excited about what’s inside their Easter basket no matter the container, but the magic will be doubled if the basket itself is festive, as well. We’ve searched for the best Easter baskets out there and came up with three bunny-themed baskets that will thrill kids of any age. They are all reusable year after year, and each one has two pastel color options. Best of all, they are all made of soft materials, so it’s never uncomfortable to carry around a great egg-hunt haul. Kids from babies and up will enjoy that each one looks like the hero of the day — a bunny!

Good: Partywind Easter Bunny Basket

Choose the green or pink bunny basket with adorable ears that can hold its shape for a long time. With cute striped and gingham patterns, this canvas basket has the requisite handle that is soft unlike a wicker or plastic basket. This stain-resistant basket can be used year after year because it is washable, foldable, and durable. The ears really give this basket option a festive addition over a classic basket, and the soft canvas is gentle on hands of any age.

Better: THOVSMOON Cute Bunny Easter Bucket

This soft and friendly basket takes the bunny theme to the next level with not only ears but also a face. It comes in either pink with a bow or blue with a bow tie. This plush basket is also velvet-soft on the handle and ears, and the inner white lining is smooth, as well. The basket is 9 inches in diameter, and the oversized ears are just over 10 inches long each. If you’d like to add a child’s name along the ear, the material will allow professional monogramming or a DIY addition of a name with a vinyl press. Either way, the smile and floppy ears will be sure to win your child over on Easter morning.

Best: Let’s Make Memories Personalized Furry Friends Easter Basket

Soft, smiley, and already personalized? This polyester basket that comes in blue or pink has it all. With ears, face, feet, and a bow, this bunny basket also comes with your child’s name (up to nine characters) written in white on one floppy ear. This basket is 9.5 inches across in diameter, 10 inches tall, and is worthy of being a cuddly friend year-round. You can even choose to add a candy bundle on to this order, making it the easiest basket buy. This basket is our top choice because of the personalization and most detailed bunny character.

Now that you’ve got the perfect basket, do you need Easter basket ideas for the filling? Besides candy, make this year’s basket special with gifts your kids will love. Here are our gift guides for toddlers and teens, but of course always go by what your individual child is interested in. There is an Easter-themed version of most gift ideas out there! No matter what’s inside, these soft bunny baskets will become familiar friends each Easter morning, and the comfort while carrying them around on a hunt will make everyone happy, too. Happy hunting!

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