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9 amazing DIY Easter decorations your third grader can make

Each new holiday is another opportunity for more craft ideas to occupy your kids, and this time it’s Easter’s turn. Brighten up your home with these DIY Easter decorations that you can make with your kids. Think eggs, bunnies, and pastels to get in the spirit for this welcoming of spring. Best of all, not only will you provide your kids with a fun activity, you’ll also have new, temporary decor for your house that costs pennies and adds a homey vibe.

No matter how many of these Easter decorations you make, at least one will be a fit for your family.

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Bunny face garland

Cut out bunny faces (with ears, of course!) from colored construction paper and draw on the faces. Attach the faces with tape or clothespins to a string to hang up as a garland. You can make this as long as you want depending on how many bunnies your kids want to make and the size of the space that you’re decorating. Don’t have a long string around? Break out a roll of ribbon from the wrapping-paper drawer.

Easter egg flower box

Before it gets warm enough for flowers to bloom, plant Easter eggs! You can put faux grass underneath the plastic or blown-out real eggs your kids choose to fill the indoor or outdoor box(es). If you don’t already have flower boxes at your home, your kids can decorate a cardboard box and create a whole Easter scene with eggs and more (Peeps? Paper carrots?) if they want.

Bunny piñata

Decorate a cardboard box like a bunny however you want — cut out the shape of a bunny, add construction paper ears, add paper fur, draw on a face, or just draw a bunny on a plain cardboard box if you’re not up for a big craft. Fill it with Easter candy, and you know the rest! (You might want to turn the ending into an outdoor activity for the sake of your lamps and other breakable items.)

Easter egg wreath

This is an easily customizable craft. Use a wreath of branches, foam, faux leaves, or anything you pick up at the craft store. Depending on the material, affix your eggs (hand-decorated or plastic) to the wreath with a hot glue gun, twist ties, or string. Put a big bow at the top and fill it in with faux flowers, moss, or whatever fits your style. If the round eggs aren’t sticking well for you, use some little bunnies.

Paint chip egg garland

Pick up free paint chip swatches in Easter colors like green, pink, and yellow from any store that sells paint. Cut the strips into ovals and tape the white back sides to a long string. Voila! You’ve just occupied your kids while they made a simple craft you can hang anywhere in your home with a little more tape.

Shutterstock/Indre Pau

Paper Easter bunnies

There are two ways to make these bunnies: Either paint a toilet paper roll or roll up a piece of colored construction paper and tape it to itself. Then, cut out and glue ears to the inside of the cylinder and draw a face on the outside. (Check out the inspiration in the picture above.)

Popsicle stick bunny fence

Color popsicle sticks with markers or by dipping them in dye and glue them together as a fence: Place a couple horizontally on the top and the bottom of your fence and then glue several sticks vertically on them. Then, cut out bunny silhouettes to be looking in the fence. Here’s the tutorial video. You can hang it up on the wall or door once it’s dried!

Peeps wreath

Take a cardboard base cut in a circle out of a cardboard box and glue Peeps in a variety of colors facing in around the entire wreath base. Glue green Easter basket grass to cover any parts of the cardboard that’s showing. Hang it on an inner door or a child’s bedroom door so that it’s not exposed to the outdoors.

Easter candy jars

Take any jars you have laying around or even washed empty ones that were just in your fridge (like jars from that just-finished sauce or pickles). Decorate them as bunny faces with googly eyes and glued-on pipe-cleaner whiskers. Now, you have a festive jar to hold jelly beans or other treats.

Doing it yourself for Easter decorations not only leaves you with personalized decor but gives your kids a fun activity that you can proudly display when they’re done. Hop to it!

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