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Inspiration for a chic black-and-white nursery theme

There is nothing quite like the joy of bringing home a new little life. It is an incomparable feeling to anything in the world. But when you are expecting, some planning goes into having a baby. One of those plans is having a room in your home that will be the baby’s nursery. Once you have decided on the room, then comes the hard part. You need to seek out inspired tips for decorating nurseries. What sort of look are you going for? A great choice is to go with a black and white theme. Now, you might be thinking this might look bland but, on the contrary, it is gender-neutral and rather chic when you think about it. Black and white nursery decor is pretty easy to come by, and you can easily put together black and white nursery ideas! We’ve compiled some of the best black and white products that would look at home in any nursery!

Confetti Fox Zoo Animals Nursery Wall Decor

You do not have to throw out the idea of baby animals entirely. Check out these amazing Confetti Fox Zoo Animals Nursery Wall Decor art prints! They are not only completely adorable, but you can use any frame you want to hang them in the nursery. They are printed on thick White Pearl Art Paper, so they are sturdy and ready to be framed and hung up. You can group them or separate them; The choice is up to you. You receive four prints; A baby elephant, a baby rhinoceros, a baby zebra, and a baby giraffe.

Sweet Jojo Designs Black and White Woodland Arrow Crib Sheet

When you are on the hunt for crib sheets for your black and white nursery, these Sweet Jojo Designs Black and White Woodland Arrow Crib sheets are a perfect choice. With an adorable arrow design, it is perfect for both boys and girls, and it will look right at home in your sweet little love’s crib. It has a fully elastic bottom, assuring that it will fit most crib mattresses and is machine washable.

HIYAGON Large Sized Storage Basket

You will definitely need a clothes basket and/or hamper to put your baby’s dirty clothes in. The HIYAGON Large Sized Storage Basket is a great choice. It is made with a premium-quality thick canvas and has a collapsible design. The black and white triangle pattern would definitely fit with the nursery aesthetic. This can even be used as the baby becomes a toddler so that it can grow with them!

MILK + HONEYS Reversible Baby Mobile

What is a nursery without an adorable baby mobile to go in it? The lovely MILK + HONEYS Reversible Baby Mobile provides babies with stimulation as they look at the different patterns and shapes on the mobile pieces, which are reversible. The pom-poms are also adjustable on it. It is easy to install with a simple hook-and-eye.

DriftAway Mia Stripe Room Darkening Curtains

If you can’t choose either black or white for the curtains, why not do both? The DriftAway Mia Stripe Room Darkening Curtains not only function as a gorgeous addition to your child’s nursery but have a blackout feature as well, making sure the sun isn’t shining brightly in their room when it is time for a nap in the middle of the day. They come in various sizes to suit your needs and are very easy to hang.

KIUATSJR Square Storage Bin

You are going to need to have storage space in the nursery for your baby’s toys. This gorgeous KIUATSJR Square Storage Bin is just the thing to put the final touches on a black and white nursery. In a beautiful black and white chevron print, it would look right at home in any nursery. It has a wire frame for stability, so it will not collapse. It is made of cotton fabric and linen, and the inside is waterproof.

Pondering Pine Organic Monthly Milestone Blanket

If you are going with a chic black and white nursery, you most definitely have to have an adorable milestone blanket to go along with it, and the Pondering Pine Organic Monthly Milestone Blanket is just the one to have. Made of organic Muslin cotton, it is soft for baby and features sweet graphics like trees, mountains, and a baby bear.

Going for a black and white theme for your baby’s nursery is easy to achieve with the right products. Not only are these products fun, but they are easy to put together!

Additionally, check our guide on how to give baby’s nursery a country-themed makeover for further inspiration.

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