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8 perfect toddler breakfast ideas that are fun for little ones to eat and easy for parents to make

Feed your toddler these fun-to-eat breakfast meals

You need to make breakfast for kids every day, and it’s easy to get into a boring routine. After all, there are only so many bowls of cold cereal you can pour before they’ll stop wanting to eat it. So why not make something fun and new tomorrow morning?

With these toddler breakfast ideas, your kids will enjoy mealtime and maybe even get some fun activities and fond memories out of it, too. After all, it’s possible for breakfast to be so much more than just nutritious fuel for the day. Here are eight ideas for fun toddler breakfasts that will liven up your morning.

Two slices of bread with peanut butter and bananas

1. Peanut butter banana toast packed with vitamins and protein

Peanuts and bananas are both packed with good nutrients, and this is a very easy meal for you to prepare. Thinly slice half a banana onto the peanut butter (or another nut butter) spread over toast. You can also sprinkle hemp seeds, chia seeds, or something else for texture and additional nutrients. This may be a bit messy and sticky, but it will be fun and sweet for your toddler. Here is a recipe you can use and adapt.

Plate of heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day

2. Blueberry pancakes in fun shapes or fun designs

Pancakes are one of those classic toddler breakfasts you remember fondly, even as an adult. One of the most fun parts is that you can make them in different shapes, like a Mickey Mouse, or put chocolate chips in a smiley face. Take nutritious blueberries to create fun designs like faces or use cookie cutters to shape the pancakes into creative animal shapes. Let your creativity run wild — the possibilities are endless!

Candy sprinkles of various colors

3. Unicorn toast: A tasty and creative treat

Whip pink food coloring into cream cheese and add rainbow sprinkles on top and viola — your toast is now topped with magic brought by a unicorn, fairy, or whoever your child loves at the moment! You could use this food coloring trick for just about any recipe, from green pancakes to purple muffins. You could also use natural ingredients like berries or spices to stain different foods new colors instead of using food coloring.

Smiling toddler at table eating

4. Chocolate avocado pudding: a healthy twist on an old favorite

Dessert for breakfast is sure to please, but this vegan pudding is healthy, too. The avocado creates a creamy base and you can use maple syrup for sweetness instead of sugar. There are many avocado chocolate pudding recipes out there but this one takes just 10 minutes or less. Add some chia seeds for extra nutrition and texture.

Slices of French toast next to cup of syrup

5. Banana French toast with fruit topping

Take the traditional French toast batter and mix in bananas before cooking it on the bread. Make this recipe healthy and hold the syrup. It’s so yummy with the bananas, your little one will love it as is. Add some fresh blueberries or strawberries on top in a fun design for more flavor and color.

Quartered pancakes with berries

6. Pancake pizza for a yummy breakfast activity

Use coconut flakes or almond slices as the shredded cheese and let your toddler add whatever toppings they would like to their pancake “pizza crust.” Spread some jelly on the pancake as the tomato sauce and give some strawberry slices for pepperoni and you’ve got a really fun activity for breakfast!

A rolled omelet on plate with hashbrowns

7. Cheesy egg roll-ups for a kid-friendly omelet

Whisk up some eggs and milk and pour into a frying pan to cook up some egg discs. Sprinkle in cheese then roll up the discs into rolls. Eat like a burrito for a unique way to serve morning eggs. Check out the full recipe here.

Waffle sticks with blueberries on top

8. Waffle sticks with maple syrup that your toddler will love dipping

Toddlers love anything with a dipping sauce because they get to be more involved than just taking a bite. The scooping and dunking is like a game, and they choose how much the yummy substance they get in their bite. To make a healthier choice, you could let them scoop peanut butter onto apple slices instead.

Food is more than adding calories. It can also make some fun memories. Just like hot chocolate waiting for Santa or slurping spaghetti at the family dinner, morning recipes like these breakfast ideas for kids make mealtime fun. They also help lay a foundation of loving a relationship with healthy foods and mealtime and will help prevent picky eating from developing. Bringing excitement and wonder into breakfast time is a wonderful way to start the day, and these don’t take too much time to prepare either. Have fun!

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